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Bibleblack - The Black Swan Epilogue (CD)

The Black Swan Epilogue
by Mike Novak at 18 July 2009, 4:50 PM

BIBLEBLACK is the newest project of guitarist Mike Wead, best known for his work in KING DIAMOND. He is joined by other relatively obscure veterans in this new project which is probably just something for Wead to do between KING DIAMOND albums.

The overall sound is pretty basic melodic Death Metal, with all of the simplistic song structures and twin guitar melodies that one would expect from a band classified as such. Mike Wead has a few solos sprinkled throughout the album, but none were really memorable enough for me to recall them.

Really, the only song that I enjoyed was Mourning Becomes Me. It has a very strong harmonized lead theme that shows up throughout the song as well as a respectable guitar solo. The rest of the songs are, as mentioned before, basic melodic Death Metal. The riffs are forgettable and there's nothing present here that has not been done before many times. The rest of the band just does what is asked of them and singer Kacper Rozanski fails to inject any emotion (or anything at all, really) into the songs that he fills with his by-the-numbers growling. Even the several clean vocal guest spots do nothing to salvage this.

What we basically have here is a worthless side-project by a good guitarist. It is safe to say that it is not worth one's hard-earned cash. I am sure that the band was able to scratch an itch by putting this album out, and it is fine for a musician to explore new territory, but if BIBLEBLACK wants to be taken seriously, they need to put out better material than this.

2 Star Rating

Leaving Shangri-La
Mourning Becomes Me
I Am Legion
The Dark Engine
Stigma Diaboli
Walk Into Light (Liars Parade)
The Black Swan Epilogue
Kacper Rozanski - Vocals
Mike Wead - Lead Guitar
Simon Johansson - Rhythm Guitar
Jonaz Bulund - Bass
Tobhias Ljung - Drums
Record Label: Vic Records


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