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Biest – Stirb Order Friss Award winner

Stirb Order Friss
by William Travers at 01 June 2020, 5:18 PM

Germany has produced a plethora of big-name Heavy Metal bands, with the likes of HELLOWEEN, SCORPIONS and RAMMSTEIN. But these are names of old, the outgoing old guard of Teutonic Heavy Metal, who are the ‘new kids on the block’ Well I have come across some of the up and comers, and this week I would bring your attention to BIEST, although a note to some these are not to be confused with a band of the same name from the 80’s.

With their debut full length album “Stirb Order Friss” we are in for a treat of European Hard Rock and attitude. The artwork sets a precedence of that old school sort of cheese that everyone came to love combined with the aforementioned attitude. We open with “Ehrlich & Verlogen” which does not stand on ceremony or wait around. We are thrust straight into driving rhythms and riffs that flow seamlessly from one section to another. With the feel of the more Classic Hard Rock to the music it is instantly uplifting and feel good. And all sections feel natural, nothing is forced or out of place.

“Abrakadabra” continues the party with everything falling together perfectly, we are treated to an up-tempo guitar solo that is utterly sublime and accent by the effect that drummer Simon Schroder has on the song with his impeccable use of fills, of beat rhythms and volume. With “Anders” we come to an introduction that is noticeably different by the use of clean guitar, synth and singer Jen Sanusi’s voice being the focal point of the introduction. As the depth of the music continues to grow into the track one almost feels the tension building with it. Until it is released into a howl along chorus which, in the aftermath once again strips everything back to rebuild it from the foundations once more.

“SeelenrAUber” is chock full of the attitude that I mentioned earlier. I really enjoyed this track as you can almost hear the crowd screaming along at any live show. To those unfamiliar with BIEST, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that they were in fact listening to THE PRETTY RECKLESS, HALESTORM, or in fact IN THIS MOMENT, this track in particular just has that feel to it. Stripping back the attitude and showing a more vulnerable side we come to “Hier Bei Mir”. With a slower pace than seen throughout the album, accompanied by an atmosphere of exposure and vulnerability it shows the range of the BIEST’s skills and musical knowledge.

Flowing straight from this into the titular track, “Stirb Order Friss” we come to an aggressive and attitude fuelled anthem that once again crowds will undoubtedly sing with gusto. The final track of the album, is almost a melancholy affair. “Ich Bleib” encompasses the feeling that we are sad to see the end of the record… But it does round everything off perfectly.

Overall, I would say that this as exceptional debut album. I was very impressed by all facets of the recording and I will be watching BIEST’s progression with a keen interest. Get listening people and see what you think.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Ehrlich & Verlogen
2. Kamikaze
3. Abrakadabra
4. Halte Es Aus
5. Anders
6. Nervengift
7. SeelenrAUber
8. Stillstand
9. Hier Bei Mir
10. Stirb Order Friss
11. Wenn Alles Gesagt Ist
12 Ich Bleib
Jen Sanusi – Vocals
Tim Schneider – Guitar
Daniel Gerdes – Guitar
Marc Andrejkovitz – Bass
Simon Schroder – Drums
Record Label: Metalville Records


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