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Bifrost - Tor In Eine Neue Welt

Tor In Eine Neue Welt
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 04 November 2013, 3:24 PM

BIFRÖST is band from Salzburg, Austria, formed in 2005 and has been playing Pagan Metal with Viking and Folk resonances. They have released "Schlachtklänge" in 2006, "Heidenmetal" in 2010 and their new release “Tor In Eine Neue Welt” was just tossed to the market.

Probably two of my favourite songs on the album are “…Um Frei zu Sein” and “Wer Mit Dir Steht”. The former has an intro that is slowly building up into a vision of attacking growls with great folk melody and stronger riffs. The vocals had me reminding Dani Filth of the CRADLE OF FILTH fame, also the music seemed to have been drawing correspondences from the Brits. The latter song is much rougher with heavier riffing, also it has an impeccable diversity, and even for a moment there I could listen to an echo from the past, something out of the late 60’s of THE SHADOWS in the guitaring style. One of the things that I like about this genre is the fusion of other directions, simply spectacular. The title track, “Tor In Eine Neue Welt”, shows a powerful playing with great drums and amazing Folk elements like the placid flute in the background, an aggressive mixture of melodic outputs and temperate aura. “Statuen im Eis” shares heavy riffs along with melodic consensuses, highly memorable sounds. I like also “Der Hofnarr” and “Der Narrenkönig (Hofnarr II)”. The first has the keyboards to thank for its quality while the second one is the true face of Folk Metal.

Others that should get your attention: “Am Pfahle” pretty similar to the efforts of ELUVEITIE and their cross between riff based tunes and melodic ethics. The epic “Rückkehr des Mönchs” with a stiller Black Metal style, great track for headbanging. “Runde um Runde” displaying low tuned guitars, plenty of power, faster tempo with melody and Traditional Metal riffs. “Kaltes Herz” that is a flesh pounding kick ass machine.

“Tor In Eine Neue Welt” is highly reccomend for every Metalhead that wishes to intermix with the qualities of Pagan, Folk, Viking Metal with deadly dozens of melodic features and powerful riffing. It was worth listening to over 70 minutes long release, be sure to do the same.

4 Star Rating

1. …Um Frei zu Sein
2. Am Pfahle
3. Runde um Runde
4. Statuen im Eis
5. Blutrote Nacht
6. Die Suche
7. Der Hofnarr
8. Der Narrenkönig (Hofnarr II)
9. Kaltes Herz
10. Raue See
11. Rückkehr des Mönchs
12. Tor in eine neue Welt
13. Wer mit dir steht
Ragnar - Vocal
Matthias van Mattherhorn - Guitars, Keys
Nordolf – Rhythmic guitars
Holmger - Bass
Severni Veter - Drums
Record Label: Einheit Produktionen


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