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Big Business - Battlefields Forever

Big Business
Battlefields Forever
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 08 June 2015, 8:59 PM

When “Big Daddy” here takes a time to hear new bands, many things come to my mind. And on the last weeks, the main theme is that it seems to me that Stoner Metal/Rock is being a strong trend into the worldwide scene. Yes, because the quantity of bands on this style every week is big. And even being an album from 2013, only now we can review North American BIG BUSINESS latest album, “Battlefields Forever”.

Coming from Seattle, these guys are playing a powerful and nasty way of Stoner Metal, and we can say that their sound is like a rude and beardy truck driver coming in your direction with a baseball tackle in his hands, and a furious expression in his face. Yes, it’s furious and intense, but of course you can feel a melodic aesthetic present in the middle of melodic vocals (sometimes, with some traces that are influence by Chris Cornell in his earlier works on SOUNDGARDEN), abrasive and intense guitars, and a powerful and heavy rhythmic session (using only the need amount of technique). And besides their music do not sound as something new, it’s good enough to have merits and to deserve a good and careful listening.

The sound quality is the same we are used to her from the greater part of Stoner bands: harsh and raw, but in the case of BIG BUSINESS, they keep a certain clearness. Yes, the need clear touch for us to understand what the band is playing, and this the point where many bands from Stoner Metal/Rock really loose the track.

The album is a good experience to our ears, with some songs that really catches us.

The melodic “No Vowels” (even with all the weight and abrasive guitars on it), the intense and with some tender elements “Battlefields”, the heavy and abrasive Stoner onslaught called “Doomsday, Today!” (Very good vocals amongst a fine guitar work), and the charming and heavy “Our Mutant”.

Good band with a good album, indeed.

3 Star Rating

1. Chump Chance
2. No Vowels
3. Battlefields
4. Trees
5. Aurum
6. Doomsday, Today!
7. Heavy Shoes
8. Our Mutant
9. Lonely Lyle
Jared Warren - Bass, Vocals
Scott Martin - Guitars
Coady Willis - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Solar Flare Records


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