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Big Scenic Nowhere - Lavender Blues

Big Scenic Nowhere
Lavender Blues
by Emily Schneider at 09 December 2020, 7:08 PM

BIG SCENIC NOWHERE is a Stoner Rock supergroup built with members of YAWNING MAN, FU MANCHU, and MOS GENERATOR. The band released their debut album in early 2020. 10 months later, the band was inspired to create a 24 minute EP called “Lavender Blues”. It certainly brings on the Desert/Stoner vibes that the main members of the band are known for from their main projects, with some Blues Rock stirred in.

This EP begins with the gorgeous title track “Lavender Blues”. The song has this fuzzy and almost warm feeling, like a nighttime desert breeze. The vocals are faint and melt with the music, the bass lines are a soft hum, and the guitars are like a cool oasis. The distortion and  mesmerizing synthesizers paint a full moon on this pool of water and create the wind through the palm tree leaves. The way the song slowly distorts gives this visual in my mind a hazy overlay, making this oasis turn into a psychedelic dreamscape. You find yourself feeling like you're floating on the hazy, smoky guitar melodies by the time this hypnotic song ends.

“Blink of an Eye” pulls you out of the moonlit oasis and into a smoky Blues heavy track. The synths in this one are so stellar, you are once again embraced by a vibrant colored haze as the mesmerizing melodies envelop your senses. “Labyrinths Fade” has some killer shred guitar work from the awesome Daniel Mongrain (VOIVOD). The buzzy synths and perfectly paced drums accompany it just right. It really is a layered maze of sounds and constant shifting melodies.

Overall, this is one cool EP. I'm not overly familiar with Stoner Rock, but I certainly enjoyed this one. There was just a chill energy about it as a whole; the hazy, fuzzy sound makes it so easy to lose yourself within. The Blues Rock influence gave the album a 'make yourself at home' sort of feeling within the smoky, psychedelic vibes. Not to mention, the stacked lineup of musicians not just in the band, but also the guest musicians is impressive. They all added their own unique sound to each song, but the 3 songs still pieced together wonderfully. I definitely want to check out their debut full length after hearing this “chill out and daydream” EP.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1.Lavender Blues
2. Blink Of An Eye
3. Labyrinths Fade
Gary Arce (YAWNING MAN) guitar
Bob Balch (FU MANCHU) guitar, bass
Tony Reed (MOS GENERATOR) bass, vocals, synth, guitar
Bill Stinson (YAWNING MAN) drums
Guest musicians:
Per Wiberg (OPETH, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) synth, piano
Daniel Mongrain (VOIVOD) guitar
Chris Goss (MASTERS OF REALITY) guitar
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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