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Big Scenic Nowhere – The Long Morrow Award winner

Big Scenic Nowhere
The Long Morrow
by Will Travers at 12 April 2022, 6:31 PM

Desert Rock is somewhat of a love and hate relationship for me. Well, maybe not hate, but when I am not in the mood for it then I really am not in the mood! Fortunately, when I last came across BIG SCENIC NOWHERE, I was absolutely up for it and their release “Vision Beyond Horizon”, in fact so much so that I jumped at the opportunity to check out their newest release “The Long Morrow”. The five track release was dropped in January and I have been itching to get into it! The artwork is what I would expect from the group, very hazy and trance like, it is so enjoyable to just look at.

Opening is “Defector (Of Future Days)” and it builds from fairly innocuous beginnings, that hazy trance like imagery transcending into the music. The movements of the vocal melody just struck a chord deep within me and I found it so utterly soothing. When coupled with the running guitar and solid drum lines it was just absolutely superb and left me wanting more and more! And well, more I got, as “Murder Klipp” emerged from the haze. Tony’s powerful vocals cutting through clear as day really help to drive the track forwards, not at a relentless pace, but steadily and with intent. But if one really takes the time to sit back and just take in what is happening within their speakers or headphones, then they will hopefully be able to appreciate the delicate, integral nature of all the tracking’s elements as they come together to paint this mural of sheer class musicianship.

“Lavender Bleu” is just otherworldly, in fact, all of the tracks are. But there is something about this track in particular that just seems special. Maybe it’s the slightly lighter music, or maybe its how one of the instruments is jumping from my left headphone to the right and just creating this surreal atmosphere. If that is not one of the purest forms of art then I don’t know what is! “LeDu” picks it back up again with a short and sweet track that just makes me want to get up and stamp my feet around a fire in the desert. But the lyrics seem to be a cry towards all the shit and misdirection that seems to feed our everyday lives at the current moment. Have I just found my song of 2022!?! It is perfect! Closing out the record is “The Long Morrow” and at 20 minutes, holy hell. You had better buckle in and settle down for a rollercoaster ride. But that is a journey for you to take by yourself dear reader.

Overall, it is absolutely fantastic. Now, does that mean that BIG SCENIC NOWHERE have gotten lucky twice and caught me on a day where I was up for some Desert Rock? Or is it testament to their production of just simply fucking good music? Well, I know which option I would go (Hint; it’s the latter). Once again, I am left wanting more of BIG SCENIC NOWHERE and I am not sure where my next fix will come from.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Defector (Of Future Days)
2. Murder Klipp
3. Lavender Bleu
4. LeDu
5. The Long Morrow
Tony Reed – Vocals / Bass
Gary Arce – Guitar
Bob Balch – Guitar
Bill Stinson – Drums
Reeves Gabriels – Guitar (Track 5)
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records


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