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BigBangBayBees – Little Nothing

Little Nothing
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 17 December 2014, 2:15 PM

To make a kind of Heavy Rock with Pop inserts is not a so easy thing as many can think. To make a music with many accessible aspects, keeping the rebellious aspects of Rock’n’Roll and with some weight from Metal, this alchemy is not as easy as it seems. And sometimes, new bands arise and try to create something like this. And the French quintet BIGBANGBAYBEES does something good on their EP “Little Nothing”.

It’s a tasty EP, with a melodic and hooking music on it. But you’ll, of course, can hear good vocals (but don’t create hopes of anything harsh or aggressive), a handful of good guitar riffs, a work well done in terms of rhythmic kitchen. This record maybe remembers some Pop Rock artists from the 90’s, but not in the vein of Grunge Rock from Seattle, for its most positive, musically speaking. And have good choruses and some adrenaline in the middle of melodic insights.

The sound quality is good, clear and loud, making the things pretty understandable for our ears. And the quality, besides is not perfect, is in a level that we can easily hear their musical arrangements and instruments with no difficulties.

Keeping away from great musical complexities (that in reality don’t fit on their work), the quintet really convinces us that their five songs deserve a careful listening, but you all will be hooked to it. “Migration” has a more adrenalized trend, and has some good arrangements, a good chorus and fine guitar lines. “Right Life” is a bit more calm and melodic insight, again with very good chorus. “Smoldering Sun” has a very good work of guitar in a mid tempo song, full of melodic moments on vocals. “Machine” is a bit more modern, besides the melodic Pop trend be more clear, but with good moments of a Hard’n’Roll adrenaline. And “Herocaine” has some Hard and Alternative moments during the song, transpiring inspired melodies and good bass and drums works.

Good, catching, and it’ll get you.

4 Star Rating

1. Migration
2. Right Life
3. Smoldering sun
4. Machine
5. Herocaine
William Briatte – Vocals
Lambert Briatte – Guitars, backing vocals
Camille Camatta – Guitars, backing vocals
Sylvain Cas – Bass, backing vocals
Pierre Cadei – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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