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Billy Boy In Poison - Watchers Award winner

Billy Boy In Poison
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 28 November 2013, 3:33 PM

Europe is well-known for possessing some of the heaviest, darkest bands known to man. Formed in 2005, Danish Death Metal band BILLY BOY IN POISON are here to support that claim. The band have performed in an abundance of shows around Europe, earning themselves a reputation as a brilliant live act, yet have also put out several EPs. Their first full-length album “Watchers” is likely to be very well-received among Metal fans, with its blend of Death Metal and Metalcore.

The opening track is pretty much the epitome of Death Metal. “Through the Haze” has unbelievably deep growls, machine gun drumming and distorted guitars. Track number 2 “Decadent God” is equally heavy, yet becomes very melodic about two thirds of the way through. The symphonic quality continues until the end, infused with Steven Borgwardt’s dark vocals, until a heavy breakdown takes over. “A Shadow of My Past” is as haunting as the name suggests, with rapid drumming and guitar work and vocals of a very low pitch. The music becomes very different in “The Last Shreds of Humanity”, with a string ensemble claiming the spotlight for the first minute. Gradually the guitar comes in, softly at first, before becoming distorted once more. The song winds down with a breakdown, and a return to the melodic elements seen previously, before erupting again into distortion and growls. “Mask of Insecurity” emphasizes Borgwardt’s vocals in the introduction, and throughout the song, as he illustrates his impressive range. The rhythm is also very funky in this track, with admirable work by the guitarists Mikkel Larsen and Alex Mortensen, bassist Troels Lehmann, and drummer Niclas Mortensen.

When listening to “A Scent of Blood” I decided to pay more attention to the lyrics, which I usually don’t do as they can be difficult to decipher at times in Metal music. They were well-written and fit the vibe of the music well, highlighting another one of the band’s strong points. Track number 7, “Capture It All” has a somewhat solemn guitar and drums introduction, which is soon taken over by distortion and chaos. Next up we have “Corrupted Into Slaves”, a lovely track in which the listener is warmly welcomed by a terrifying growl in the introduction. Again, I took note of the lyrics, which encourage one to ponder the questionable state of the world. The breakdown is also very groovy in this one. Last but not least, BILLY BOY IN POISON presents “Hibernation”. This track has a message far different from the pleasant slumber that the name suggests. With aggressive drumming, relentless riffs, malignant bass and malevolent vocals, this number ain’t no beauty sleep.

BILLY BOY IN POISON are an awesome band, and their album “Watchers” proves that. It comes out on the 9th of December – be sure to give it a listen.

4 Star Rating

1. Through the Haze
2. Decadent God
3. A Shadow of My Past
4. The Last Shreds of Humanity
5. Mask of Insecurity
6. A Scent of Blood
7. Capture It All
8. Corrupted Into Slaves
9. Hibernation
Steven Borgwardt – Vocals
Mikkel Larsen - Guitar
Alex Mortensen – Guitar
Troels Lehmann - Bass
Niclas Mortensen – Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music / Target Distribution


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