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Bilocate - Summoning The Bygones Award winner

Summoning The Bygones
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 June 2012, 3:24 PM

Since I was sixteen, back when I was only starting to accommodate the brutality and blackened features of extreme Metal, I have learned to adore and admire several personalities that engulfed this sect in Metal. Largely I came to realize that when Progressive Metal comes in close proximity to the edge of extremeness, it can become one of the greater sensations for the fans of this genre. Though by and large I am a traditional Metal fan, I think that there nothing more soothing than a good extreme Metal release commanded by articulation, good taste, warmed heart, a cultural basis and an atmospheric nature. This is not my first encounter with my neighbors from Jordan under the name of BILOCATE. Now signed to Code666 Records, they released their third offering, "Summoning The Bygones". With some resemblance to Israel's veteran Middle Eastern / Oriental Metal pioneers of ORPHANED LAND, the darker Norwegian side of DIMMU BORGIR and some of the sound manifolds and technical abilities of the late DEATH, BIOCATE are on their way to be one of the strongest Metal bands in the region and even the world. I can't really say the same on many bands as not many have come close to such a profound level of composing.

I must admit that I really tried to understand if there was really a unified conception within the album, except from the last stretch of "A Desire To Leave", which chanted its own three chapters tale. That factor didn't effect on my judgment as almost every lyrical verse made me think deep within the music that enslaved it. And when I mean enslave, it is from a positive aspect and point of view. Also what made me tick was the structure of the tracks, nearly nothing repeated itself. BILOCATE kept a smooth pattern of music with so many alterations and diversities that felt so right. Above the music stood an amazing vocalist singing in mid to low range growls while also expressing himself through clean and guile chants. I can't also let go of the lead guitarist that just ripped me to shreds with his crafty musicianship bursting with cracking solos and purified melodies to the side of Middle Eastern acoustics as those were a blessing from angles than curses of demons. He is one of the best lead guitarist of extreme Metal that I heard in a while, it was a pleasure listening. Well I can't also discourage the rhythm section and the keyboardist that showed its might on the songs, such musical diversities are hard to achieve without competent atmospheric and rhythm mates.

Beyond the fact that the cover version for PARADISE LOST’s classic track, “Dead Emotions”, is one of the greatest covers done for the British Gothic / Doom band, I think that the true elegance lies in the originals like “Hypia”, featuring Dan Swano, that is the plain description of perfection, nothing can exceed this quality and enunciation of great lyrics. “Passage” is a magnificent instrumental played masterfully while “A Deadly Path” is a stepping stone of the brutish path along with a delicate acoustic and the clouded zest of the keyboards wretched out of the minds of these six piece group. I can go on and on, but now I will stop only to tell you that “Summoning The Bygones” is challenging, not an easy release musically and some of you might have slight issues with its composures but I suggest that you take a seat just listen to sounds and embrace one of art’s true meanings. 

4 Star Rating

1. The Tragedy Within
2. Beyond Inner Sleep
3. A Deadly Path
4. Passage
5. Dead Emotion (Paradise Lost Cover)
6. Hypia
7. 2nd War in Heaven
8. A Desire to Leave - Obscurity
9. A Desire to Leave - Surrounding Hell
10. A Desire to Leave - Of Leaving 
Ramzi Essayed- Vocals
Rami Haikal- Rhythm Guitars
Baha Farah- Lead Guitars
Waseem Essayed- Keyboards
Hani Al Abadi- Bass
Ahmad Kloub- Drums
Record Label: Code666 Records


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