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Binah - Phobiate Award winner

by Kayla Hutton at 04 September 2018, 6:38 AM

Formed in 2011 is the U.K.’s, BINAH. On September 28th, 2018 Osmosis Productions will release BINAH’s 3rd album, Phobiate. The first thing to point out is the capable multi-instrumentalists in this group. When multiple band members can play outside of their chosen instrument you do end up with a more diverse sound. The influences of each member then provide input that will differ from the others. As you begin listening to “Phobiate”, skip the intro, “Phobia in Excelis”. While it sounds great, the abrupt ending was so out of place. Beyond that, “The Silent Static” digs below the surface dirt and exposes the inner layers of creative insight. The conglomeration gives BINAH a sound that is all their own. With mid-tones similar to DISMEMBER, that is their only real borrowed trait. While listening to “Mind Trap”, about the 1:29 mark until the 136 mark. What was that? There was an unbalanced-balance as a guitar held a note that sounded utterly perfectly repulsive. Innovation is key here. BINAH have it with moves like this.

Ever heard the joke, how many guitarists does it take to put in a light bulb? One, and about a million other guitarists to say they could have done it better. It’s true. You can only have so many bands doing the same thing, and thankfully its that practice makes perfect, outside of the box thinking that musters up enough confidence to not only say you can do it better but do it. BINAH can say it, and do it. As I move onto “Waves of Defacement“ I am really diggin on the thrash/death vocal style. There is a lot of different apparent influences. Doom and Gloom pitches and tones, black metal melodic picking, even some punk style riffs. “Bleaching” returns to the full on low monstrous growl. Very melodic music that has a direction to it as if to be a story. In case you can’t understand the lyrics the music will lead you on your voyage and show you all the sights you need to see. They provide an atmosphere to death metal that really made the sound bleak and despite keeping a normal pace, really brought a doom overtone.

BINAH has proven to be very refreshing. A very multi-directional group, but they do have an overall sound that they hold true to no matter how diverse in the metal spectrum they head. This is definitely one of those bands that I have never heard of until this moment. First impressions are huge, and they reeled me in. Never a dull moment as they change it up enough to keep it fresh and not boring me with the same song over and over. Not to mention U.K. death metal? I never woulda thought. Audio production is a little mushy on desktop speakers, but in the car, it sounds great. I noticed you need to have at least 5.1 speakers to get the full effect.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

Overall: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Phobia in Excelsis
2. The Silent Static
3. Mind Tap
4. Dream Paralysis
5. Waves of Defacement
6. Transmissions from Beneath
7. Consuming Repulse
8. Exit daze
9. Bleaching
10. Serum
Aort - Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Bass, Synths
I.R.G. - Vocals, Lead Guitars, Synths
A. Carrier - Drums
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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