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Bio-Cancer - Tormenting The Innocent

Tormenting The Innocent
by V.Srikar at 02 February 2015, 12:00 PM

I belong to the group of handful of people who are still struck with a single sub-genre called Thrash Metal even after all the modern evolutions of new sub genres (not that I don’t flirt with other sub genres of Metal). I’m not even talking about stuff like Black-Thrash or Death-Thrash, I mean just Thrash Fucking Metal, old school or new school. Well coming to this review, we have got Greek Thrashers BIO-CANCER with their 2nd full length “Tormenting The Innocent” to be released on February 23rd this year.

Though I haven’t heard the debut album getting rave reviews on social media, I wasn’t able to give it a listen, so I knew something special was awaiting me. Right from its album art to the music, BIO-CANCER hits the bull’s eye. Everything on offer here is not just fresh, but assures the seasoned fan of the genre that the music is still very much alive. Just to give a clear description of the music, its riff based Speed Thrash with Black Metal style vocals. That’s as close as I can describe. There are no weak songs here and the band gives the listeners their full value for the time with some exceptional solos, riffage and ground breaking blast beats. I mean I don’t even like anything Black Metal, but those insane nasty Black Metal style vocals of Lefteris elevates the album like no other. It all makes sense right from the first song, but the band gets their best foot with “Think!” as the insane riffage gives you multiple eargasms. Its songs like “Chemical Castration” that really make you feel proud and privileged of being able to listen to such talented bands.

There is that unexplainable chaotic beauty that only can be experienced. Just when you think least expected, the band drops in a 1:28 min crazy bomb “Haters Gonna…Suffer! “ with an intro of a dialogue from the movie series Taken (if I’m not mistaken).   The album ends with another fast paced In-your-Face track “Life is Tough (So am I)”, though brings little new to the table.

The music can be mostly described as a combination of both Speed Thrash and Black Thrash, but it’s the crazy vocals and the occasional backing crazier vocals that add spice and elevate the album. It’s also worth mentioning that the drums and the bass really add fuel to the sound. Look, the writings on the wall, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard this band before, but if there’s a seasoned Thrasher in you, look out for this bomb!

4 Star Rating

1. Obligated to Incest
2. Tormenting the Innocent
3. Bulletproof
4. Boxed Out
5. F®iends or Fiends
6. Think!
7. Chemical Castration
8. Haters Gonna…Suffer!
9. Life is Tough (So am I)
Giannhs – Bass, Backing Vocals
Thanasis Andreou – Lead Guitars
Lefteris – Vocals
Tomek – Drums
Stavros – Rhythm Guitars
Record Label: Candlelight records


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