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BioGenesis - A Decadence Divine

A Decadence Divine
by Sooraj Ram at 16 September 2017, 10:08 PM

BIOGENESIS are a Hybrid Metal Band out of Dayton, Ohio. Their sound is an amalgamation of Progressive Metal, Power Metal and Thrash Metal. Apart from their sound, their lyricism is about Christianity. Formed in 1996, BIOGENESIS gained some maturity by recording and touring. They made a name for themselves with their debut but the album that followed it was a mere success instead being the masterpiece their first record was. Trying to regain the image created in their early days BIOGENESIS have gathered once again to release their fourth full-length album entitled “A Decadence Divine”.

The title track, “A Decadence Divine” centres on Power Metal as the melodic uitar works goes well with the vocals. The term Hybrid is highlighted in this track as the song starts off with a euphonic Power Metal essence and ends with a Progressive punch. Overall, it is a nice track that showcases the authenticity of their genre description. Longer songs come forth as the track  that follows the title track, “Inside The Beast”, runs for 7 long minutes.

The four-minute track “Bet Your Soul” might as well be the best track on this album. BIOGENESIS make a good impression with this track as they completely utilise the four minutes to give a nice little song. The fascinating thing about this song is that this it is hard-hitting and heavy while still keeping the euphonic Power Metal sound. “In The Darkness I Dwell” is probably the only seven-minute track off this album that I listened to on repeat. The wise integrations the keys and riffs provides a perfect platform for the vocals to kick in.

“In Decadence Divine” is a nice album, but it fails to utilise all of its 70 minutes as some of the tracks are a bit dull; nonetheless, the shorter tracks were good enough to make this album a hit. If only they shortened the tracklist or split the album by making a Double Album, it would have been much better. Still, I don't hate this album because it has some memorable and noteworthy moments. That being said “A Decadence Divine” is  worth checking out if you run out of albums to spin. The sheer melody will keep you happy and engaged.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Prelude (Nocturnal Images)
2. A Decadence Divine
3. Inside The Beast
4. Bet Your Soul
5. As Empires Fall
6. Lines In The Sand
7. The Pain You Left Behind
8. Tears Of God
9. Land Of Confusion
10. In the Darkness I Dwell
11. Brood Of Vipers
12. Silence
Chaz Bond - Lead Vocals
James Riggs - Rhythm Guitar
Luke Nealeigh - Lead Guitar
Sam Nealeigh - Keyboards
Dan Nealeigh - Bass
Majennica Nealeigh - Drums
Record Label: Roxx Records


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