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Biomechanical - Cannibalised (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 November 2007, 12:15 PM

Here it is! At last! The brand new BIOMECHANICAL offering has finally reached my hands (even in a kind of irritating form). Without any doubt, the UK based metallers are one of the best things the Metal scene has to offer the last years, and the band insists on confirming our opinion with every single album it releases. So, after an incredible debut album and an even better second full-length effort, here comes the third strike, that as I can see is still deadly…

It has been a while since the whole band left and John K. was left on his own to continue the legacy (?) of BIOMECHANICAL. As he didn't want to leave the band be destroyed, he gathered some talented musicians like bassist Adrian Lambert (ex-DRAGONFORCE) and the 18 year old drummer Jonno Lodge and recorded BIOMECHANICAL's third assault, which is entitled Cannibalised. Before I listen to the album, I was not sure about what I would face, since as I just said the only remaining member is the band's vocalist. Thanks to the Metal God (Halford or whoever you prefer to call a Metal God), the band kicked my sorry as with its known extreme Progressive Metal style for one more time.

BIOMECHANICAL - for those that are unaware of this band - play Progressive Metal (with the pure meaning of the word progressive), since they have managed to perfectly mix elements that range from Thrash and Power Metal to Heavy and melodic Death Metal. The band's main rule is diversity, since their sound is nothing like stuff that you have came across in the past. BIOMECHANICAL seem that they will never surrender to the classic Metal paths or the modern necessary Core fashion. If there is something that could do the work for me and describe their music, this would be a pretty extreme version of NEVERMORE and MESHUGGAH.

The band's NEVERMORE meets TEXTURES meets STRAPPING YOUNG LAD meets PANTERA Metal is something that amazed me from the first time I got in touch with it. And do not think that the whole meaning in this band is just the music. The perfect way to complete BIOMECHANICAL's delirium is John's voice. The Greek singer is the man under the spotlight, since he has managed to blow our brains to the wall with his combination of operatic screaming vocals (which remind me of singers like Wade Black and Tim Ripper Owens) and harsh distorted screams.

One more thing that will kicks your sorry ass in Cannibalised is the album's sound, which is a totally explosive rock that will tear your house down! BIOMECHANICAL will be more than proud of having worked with a producer like Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, GARY MOORE). The result of such a collaboration couldn't be anything else but good, and Cannibalised justifies this thought with its heavy as fuck guitar sound, its solid as a rock rhythm section and its rawness.

The UK metallers have managed to amaze us with one more raw, heavy and uncompromising Heavy Metal album. I personally believe that BIOMECHANICAL have already shown that they have great potential and their three albums are something more than a good proof. I have nothing more to add since Cannibalised can say it all in its approximately 48 minutes of great fucking music.

4 Star Rating

Fallen In Fear
The Unseen
Breathing Silence
Slow The Poison
Reborn In Damnation
Through Hatred Arise
Violent Descent
John K. - Vocals
Gus Drax - Guitar
Chris Van Hayden - Guitar
Adrian Lambert - Bass
Jonno Lodge - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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