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Biomechanical - Empires Of The World (CD)

Empires Of The World
by Michael Dalakos at 17 April 2005, 5:46 PM

Two years in the making, Empires of the World is simply a fine exercise for any editor deciding to decode it in a review. Recalling John K.'s (vocalist) statements referring to the recording process of the album (he mentioned that the new album is a boosted version of Eight Moons) I started wondering what those British had in mind.
Biomechanical is the brainchild of vocalist John K., an exceptional singer coming from Greece - now based on English land. Their debut album Eight Moons got rave reviews from the majority of the press. The band's style is described as (a late) Nevermore meets Judas Priest and both of them decide to write a soundtrack for a sci-fi film. The same thing pretty much goes with Empires Of The World only this time indeed the whole package sounds 100% boosted in any way you may look at it.
Have you seen Akira? Bullet Ballet? Have you ever considered the possibility of a Metal band writing the music for such films? Then soon you will be holding in your hands the perfect sound companion to such disturbing visions of the future.
Raw, uncompromising, technical, melodic and chaotic. Five words describing in the best possible way what's going on in here. Biomechanical have managed to surpass themselves in their second album and there's no doubt about it. Vocalist John K. though a high screamer (Midnight meets Warrel Dane) adds brutality coming from his lungs with ease. Guitarists Jamie Hunt and Chris Web obliterate everything on their passing; how do they remember to play so many riffs live, I really wonder. Let's not forget the rhythm section that constantly bombards all the time with different time signatures leading the entire band on a whirlwind of technical manifestation.
Although Empires of the World is less melodic then its predecessor, it has some catchy moments like Relinquished Destiny and Long Time Dead.
As with the first album, Empires Of The World comes with a quite disturbing front cover. I assume the booklet will be equally well taken care of. In conclusion what I hold in my hands is simply one of the best releases for 2005. it is about time for the world to learn and bow before the next big thing in Metal music. Biomechanical is here to stay!

5 Star Rating

Enemy Within
The Empires Of The World
Relinquished Destiny
Long Time Dead
DNA Metastasis
Truth Denied
Part 1 - Final Offence
Part 2 - From The Abyss
Part 3 - Absolution
Part 4 - Disintegration
John K. - Vocals
Jamie Hunt - Guitar
Chris Web - Guitar
Jon Collins - Bass
Matt C. - Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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