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Bioplan – Epipath and Ocular Award winner

Epipath and Ocular
by Mike McMahan at 26 May 2020, 8:57 PM

BIOPLAN is the first solo project from Swedish multi-instrumentalist Andi Kravijaca, and this release is a combination of two earlier released EPs, “Epipath” and “Ocular.” Both parts of this record are phenomenal; highly technical musically and full of sweeping arpeggios and mind-numbing expertise. Kravijaca is certainly nothing new to the Metal world. He has forged a sixteen-year career and fifteen albums of material as a lead vocalist, with the likes of AEON ZEN, THAUROROD, NERGARD, and SILENT CALL.

In addition to the musical fireworks he has helped create, he is a pilot and particle physicist in his spare time. His high-flying antics here should come as no surprise.  It wouldn’t shock me in the least to find him using a slide rule and sextant to measure his lofty solos. The guy is obviously quite brilliant. Having said that, there are points in this recording that almost feel too technical and measured. The musicianship involved here is amazing, but at times, lacks the feel of anything other than running scales for the sake of running scales. Not to take anything away from Kravijaca and his amazing ability, to be certain.

From “Epipath,” we open with “Ingress” and its synth layered intro. As stated, the guitar work involved here is highly technical, as is all the instrumentation on the cut. It is a very cool piece, holding onto the old school, almost Eighties New Wave synthesized sound while delving into modern guitar tones and technique. The Gavin Graham remix of this song concentrates more on the synth, and actually feels as if it just stepped out of 1983. “He’s A Transponster” is another track of significant note. Opening with a darker and heavier feel, it doesn’t take too long for the song to take flight. The guitar work here is stellar, at once reminding me of some of the loftier moments of STEVE VAI on his solo effort “Passion and Warfare.”

There are several moments throughout that deserve mention. “Atomic Era Cocktails” has many a moment where my brain went into meltdown from the magnitude of musicianship involved. “VFR Into IMC” begins with a bluesy guitar which proves Andi is capable of more than just face melting pyrotechnics. The song is absolutely beautiful. My fellow Metal Temple writer, Kyle Scott, has already written a review of the “Ocular” segment of this release, and I honestly couldn’t possibly say it any better. This joining of the two EPs is well worth the listen.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Ingress
2. Perspex Cassidy
3. He’s A Transponster
4. VFR Into IMC
5. Atomic Era Cocktails
6. Astral
7. Invective
8. Permeant
9. Inclement
10. Refractive
11. Ingress (Gavin Graham Remix)
12. Invective (Retrologue Remix)
Andi Kravijaca – Guitars/Keyboards/Bass
Rich Hinks – Bass Tracks 6-10
Harri Koskela – Keyboard Solo Track 5
Andreas Soderin – Keyboard Solo Track 7
Emil Pohjalanien – Guitar Solo Track 7
Alistiair Bell – Guitar Solo Track 7
Pekka Laitinen – Keyboard Solo Track 7
Record Label: Layered Reality Productions


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Edited 05 December 2022

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