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Biopsy - Fractals Of Derangement

Fractals Of Derangement
by V.Srikar at 03 May 2015, 3:26 PM

India isn’t particularly known for Brutal Death Metal, but in the last half a decade many bands of this genre have sprung up, not just pleasing the seasoned fans but also popularizing the art in small underground live shows. Other than ESCARIFIED, PISAKAS, RIP OFF, SHOCK THERAPY, BREEDING MACHINE, GUTSLIT, and few others, India simply doesn’t have a Brutal Death Metal or Grindcore scene, but these bands have managed to keep the flag waving, and BIOPSY is the new addition to the party with their no frills attached Brutal Death Metal sound.

Fractals Of Derangement” is the debut EP of these Mumbaikars. But any apprehensions about the band’s inexperience is put to rest right from the first song as the band belts one song after another, just like its expected from the genre. With a short intro “Hemolytic Crisis” takes off into the insane nasty world of Brutal Death Metal with the thick chugging riffs oscillating between fast pace and slow paced song structure. The songs are technically carefully woven to please the genre connoisseurs, and have enough meat in the riffage. The songs are reminiscent of SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, HOUR OF PENENCE, etc.

It’s hard not to see why these boys have become a cult ever since this release, it’s the typical nasty chugging riffage with the relentless blast beats that really gets the genre fans on their feet. I must mention that some of the solos by Akshay Verma are simply sensational and worth a repeat listen just for them. The vocals by Shomeresh Shetty are the typical low pitched guttural vocals sprinkled with occasional pig squeals. As much as the music is catchy and wonderful, I have a problem with the way the EP progresses towards the middle, there seems to be a lack of variety in the songs in the middle, or maybe it’s just me. The EP finishes of with one of the better songs in “Surgical Symmetry”, with the occasional guitar shrieks really bringing the best out of the band.

If it wasn’t for the facts and the trivia, not for once would I have recognized that this is their debut record, such is the quality of music on offer here. And this shit coming from my country India, makes me even proud. With an insane artwork by Avian D’souza, everything by BIOPSY has struck near to the bull’s eye on the first attempt. With a bit of tweaking, I expect their full length to break some skulls. Bring it on boys.

4 Star Rating

1. Hemolytic Crisis
2. Anatomical Reconstruction
3. Genesis
4. Fractals of Derangement
5. Surgical Symmetry
Shomeresh Shetty – Vocals
Akshay Verma – Guitars
Keshav Javadekar – Drums
Record Label: Transcending Obscurity


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