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Bios - You Label My Essence (CD)

You Label My Essence
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 22 December 2007, 3:13 PM

At last, it was about time these guys released their debut album. I have been watching this band since its formation back in 2000, and I admit that they had impressed me a lot with their talent and their great work. After they changed their name to BIOS, the Greek metallers found a brand new home that helped them release their first ever full-length release and show us what they are made of.

The band was formed in Kilkis, a town in northern Greece, where nobody thought that he could find any Metal there. These guys seemed to defy the problems that a small and distant city like Kilkis could cause them and showed that Metal can be alive anywhere in the world. The band was initially known as DAMNATION. Under that name, they had released a demo CD entitled Theater Control Law, which had some rally nice comments from the press (demo of the month in the Greek Metal Hammer).

So, after changing their name to BIOS, the band prepared to record and release its debut album You Label My Essence. BIOS have changed a bit from what they used to be in the past. Their relentless Thrash/Death style has been filtered through a more modern prism. The brutal parts have been reduced and some MACHINE HEAD meets AVENGED SEVENFOLD touches are visible in the album's 11 songs. There are also some Hardcore beatdown moments, where the whole atmosphere becomes a bit groovier and your head will bang whether you want it or not.

One thing that could definitely be a lot better is the singer. Angel's vocals are more into a screaming old school Punk/Hardcore style, something that does not fit the rest of the music. The good thing is that the band has managed to find its musical identity from its very first full-length work, and that's something that will help BIOS a lot in the future (or become a trap for them). Their music cannot be put under any tag, but I think that the words 'modern metal' can do the work.

If you are looking for something fresh, unique and aggressive, BIOS is the thing that you are looking for. One more thing that will tempt you to invest your money on You Label My Essence is the cool artwork and the album's whole package. The band has done a really good job and we just have to support them by buying their album. Support the underground mates!

3 Star Rating

I Feel Like Smashing Things
Shattered Eyes Rest Aside
Just Parasites
A Pilgrim Make-Believe
Clouds Act Like Screens
Theatre Control
The Microdot Parade
For You The Fuse Is Lit
Out (Raw)
Angel - Vocals
Kostas - Guitar
Nondas - Drums
Record Label: Play Our Music Records


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