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Birdeatsbaby - The World Conspires

The World Conspires
by Marco Angileri at 24 October 2019, 11:05 AM

I think this is one of the most surprising band I had the opportunity to review. BIRDSEATBABY is a dark progressive rock band from Brighton, UK, that blends elements of rock, classical and metal music to create definitely a unique sound. Quite hard to define, but actually looking here and there I found some interesting definition, like “Kate Bush on acid” (from Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine).

“The world conspires” is the fifth album of the English band, with a career started in 2009 with the album “Here she comes a tumblin’”. Produced by John Fryer, mastered by Bob Macchiochi and recorded in the Black Needle Noise Emporium Studio in Los Angeles, “The World Conspires” is definitely one of the highlights of their career. The album starts slowly with “Hold your Breath”, the shortest song of the album, which serves as an intro the mystical “Painkiller”; “ZeroFortyThree” is maybe my favorite track, and it recalls more a “traditional” rock song, especially in the use of the vocals. The title-track pays a tribute to the prog-rock of the seventies, and the initial riff seems to be taken out from an Opeth album. I love the piano intermezzo, although it seems pretty detached from the first part of the song, almost a song in the song.

The delicate “How do I” shows an impressive vocal performance by Mishkin Fitzgerald (but actually it can be heard throughout the whole album), as well a gentle piano throughout the whole song; this is my other favorite. Although I personally do not like it (just a matter of taste), “Esmerelda” is another impressive composition, that wisely mixes blues, soft rock, psychedelia and a dark ambiance, with, again, a beautiful Mishkin“Hurricane” stands out for the magnificent cello, while “Whisper”, especially in the vocals, winks to a dark pop song, maintaining nevertheless a complex structure that has really less to share with pop music; again, I am impressed by the maturity of these compositions.

“Dido’s lament” is a nice exercise, embellished by the voice of Feline Lange (from Feline and Strange), but I find quite a mere end in itself. “Kill no one” raises again the tension, making it a proper punk-rock song, with interesting drumming patterns before the ethereal “Look away” closes the album with style. An interesting surprise, BIRDSEATBABY have conquered me and I can say, “The World Conspires” is one of best albums of the 2019.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Hold your Breath
2. Painkiller
3. ZeroFortyThree
4. The World Conspires
5. Lady Grey
6. How do I
7. Box of Razorblades
8. Esmerelda
9. Hurricane
10. Whisper
11. Ropes
12. Dido’s Lament
13. Kill no one
14. Look away
Mishkin Fitzgerald - Piano, Vocals
Hana Maria - Violin, Cello, Vocals
Garry Mitchell - Bass, Guitar
Anna Mylee - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Dr. Music Records


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