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Birdflesh – All The Miseries

All The Miseries
by Ben Gardiner at 14 July 2021, 9:45 PM

over 20 releases to their name. they put the ‘Grin’ in Grindcore with fun comedic lyrics plastered over brutal Thrashy instrumentals.

The "All The Miseries" EP is comprised of 13 brand new tracks and 11 live songs from previous releases. With gigs having been gone for almost two years, the inclusion of a live show in the EP is very enjoyable. If you close your eyes and really try to picture it, it’s like you’re almost there.

The production is very raw, the drums and guitar constantly pumping up-tempo Thrash riffs and beats, giving the EP a nice Punk feel. The drummer incorporates lots of blasts and double pedal, and the vocals are growly and aggressive, providing the extreme Metal elements it needs to be Grindcore.

The lyrics are fun and the instrumentation is strong, I especially enjoyed the fifteen-second-long power ballad "Spinebreaker", and all of the live tracks.

Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Gore Ensemble
2. High On Carnage
3. Radioactive Madness
4. The Head Of A Skull
5. Spinebreaker 00:15
6. People Of The Leprosy
7. Slaughterchild
8. Dying After Midnight
9. Pissboy
10. Kickstart My Ass
11. Sayonara Sensei
12. Inked Deth
13. Hell Satan Bro Stalker
14. Crazy Nights (Live)
15. Countless Mayhem (Live)
16. Milkshake Is Nice (Live)
17. Alive Autopsy (Live)
18. Caligoulash (Live)
19. Teenage Mutilator (Live)
20. Gut To Kill (Live)
21. Victim Of The Cat (Live)
22. Anal Misery (Live)
23. The Flying Penis (Live)
24. Coffinfucker (Live)
Andreas Pisser - Drums & Vocals
Duke Diagnosis - Guitars & Vocals
Neon Puker - Bass & Vocals
Record Label: Everlasting Spew Records


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