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Birth A.D. - I Blame You

Birth A.D.
I Blame You
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 01 April 2013, 5:29 PM

I admire the mission statement of Austin, Texas Thrash Punk Trio BIRTH A.D. Up until recently, I did not know much about this band, but I have been playing their debut “I Blame You” on Unspeakable Axe Records non-stop, ever since I received a digital promo.

Just like D.R.I., by the very definition BIRTH A.D. are a crossover act, so deal with it. They embody all that I admire about '80s acts of their ilk like EXCEL, C.O.C., D.B.C., LIFE SENTENCE, LUDICHRIST, while also paying homage to the innovators like MINOR THREAT, THE MEATMEN, FEAR, BAD BRAINS, BLACK FLAG, DAYGLO ABORTIONS, DEAD KENNEDYS, etc.

Many of the popular war songs are re-recordings taken from their acclaimed (EP) “Stillbirth Of A Nation” release from 2009. I also appreciate how they embrace the new PUNK edge bands like RISE AGAINST, ANTI-FLAG, THE HARD-ONZ, etc. Songs like “Failed State”, “Fill In The Blank”, and Violent Retribution” are excellent examples of this. I enjoy their socio-political commentary, as well as their warped sense of humour on such songs as the “War On Beverly Hills” inspired “Burn L.A.” the brickbat of “Bring Back The Draft” and, “Short Bus Society”, the honesty behind “This Scene Sucks”, or the BROKEN BONES “F.O.A.D” message implied with “Parasites Die”.

It is not just the clever and quickly uttered lyrics that draw me to this act; although, I can totally relate to the mirrored projection for “I Blame You”, and the war's on sonnet of “Kill Everybody”. The bitch-fest phone call on “Wrong Again” rings true when you review the relationship reality, namely that the girl's got issues and she is often, but not always the one to cause problems.

The music is top-notch, well-performed highly memorable and so damn good! Any fan of Thrash, Punk, Crossover, or fast Metal will find their style admirable and appealing. I hear hints of NUCLEAR ASSAULT, M.O.D., THE EXPLOITED, SACRILIGE B.C., SGM, ACROPHET, INTENSE MUTILATION, ALCHEMICHON, IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER, ANGKOR WAT, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, as well as newer more informed acts like GAMA BOMB, F.K.Ü., MUNICIPAL WASTE, and SHORT SHARP SHOCK (SSS).

So If you seek out a band that clearly carries on the Tradition and mettle might of D.R.I., SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, S.O.D., and their ilk, then look for this spawn of the youth brigade to leave their indelible mark: a damn nasty adrenaline overdose - a true sign of bad religion - even after birth and before death.

4 Star Rating

1. Mission Statement
2. Equal Opportunity
3. Burn L.A.
4. Failed State
5. Bring Back the Draft
6. This Scene Sucks
7. Violent Retribution
8. No, Man
9. I Blame You
10. Short Bus Society
11. Wrong Again
12. Fill in the Blank
13. Kill Everybody
14. No Jobs (Don't Work)
15. Cause Problems
16. Parasites Die
17. Popular War
18. Blow Up The Embassy (Fearless Iranians From Hell Cover)
Jeff Tandy – Vocals, Bass
Brian Morrison – Guitars
Mark Perry – Drums
Record Label: Unspeakable Axe Records


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