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Bitchhammer - Offenders of the Faith

Offenders of the Faith
by Louise Brown at 13 May 2019, 6:55 PM

BITCHHAMMER formed during the year 2008 in Leipzig-Saxony, Germany and has gained a large following of fans ever since. The Black Metal trio has recorded several albums during their career, including 2019's "Offenders Of The Faith".

The band does not attempt to disguise their message at all. They're all about Satan and they're very comfortable with their chosen lifestyle. "Funeral Sorcery" effectively sets the tone for the album. It features nearly hyperactive percussion, along with equally fast guitar riffs and hooks. It moves at such a rapid pace that if you don't pay attention you will get left behind very quickly. Luckily, a slightly slower bridge allows you a moment to catch up, but don't take too long because song takes off again just as rapidly. Sort of like a rollercoaster from Hell, but in a good way. "Satanic Violence" is slightly harsher-sounding, yet no less enjoyable. As I listen to is I find myself wondering how three guys can make so much noise; you'd swear the band had five or six members instead. "Satanica" begins with a very nice opening riff which sets its classic Black Metal tone very well. There's an especially sweet guitar hook right before the main part of the song takes over. The track is a bit slower than the other two, and does a good job of keeping you engaged while the story within it unfolds. I like "Fear No Evil" because of its deceptive nature. It begins with droning guitar riffs which make it sound slower and more methodical before the speed increases tenfold and hits you like a bus. It is extremely fast-paced, sounding more like Thrash or Death Metal.

The other tracks that capture my interest are "Pentagramm Vibes," "Bitchcraft," and "Blasphemaniac".  "Pentagramm Vibes" has an intro which sounds quite different from anything else on the album. It has a distinctly Punk Rock undertone to it that I liked immediately.The unusual fusion of sounds makes the track easy to listen to because it sounds so odd and quite good in all honesty. All of the elements blend together seamlessly making it a great song. "Bitchcraft" begins with an excellent bass hook followed by percussion which manages to sound perfect in its level of aggression. The song has a more Death Metal sound to it, reminding me of both KING DIAMOND and EXODUS. It's definitely one that would be worth your time to listen to if you have any doubts. The final track, "Blaphemaniac," is outstanding from the start with its perfect pace, speed and overall attitude. I can't think of a single part of song that wouldn't appeal to most Thrash, Death and Black Metal fans; it's just one solid song, period.

"Offenders Of The Faith" belongs in the album collection of anyone who considers themselves to be a serious metal head. It's aggressive, dark, heavy and damned good.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

  1. Funeral Sorcery
  2. Satanic Violence
  3. Satanica
  4. Fear No Evil
  5. Into The Filth
  6. To Hell With The Cross
  7. Pentragramm Vibes
8( Bitchcraft
9) Blasphemaniac

Basstard Priest -  Vocals, bass
Jack Frost - Guitars
Majesty Of Hell - Drums

Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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