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Biters – Electric Blood

Electric Blood
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 17 August 2015, 2:07 AM

This is going to be a hard one to review, while I love most Rock N Roll, I'd usually go to DIO or MOTORHEAD for my fix anyway, but the reason I say this is going to be hard is because… BITERS sound like a heavier version of BUSTED. Now, I've listened to BUSTED before, and while they were catchy and enjoyable, they were incredibly cheesy and a little cringe worthy. At least I can say to people ­ “don't listen to BUSTED, listen to BITERS, they are much better.” I thought it was a little strange for a kind of emo­-rock band (they half­-appear to look like that) to be asked to review at the great land of Metal Temple. But that's the great thing about us, we review almost anything that has the necessary instruments to qualify a review it seems.

Trying to keep an open mind with this one as much as I possibly could, it was hard to, I'll admit. While BITERS have the Heavy Metal trademark image in their lyrics and looks, it's still an odd one for me. With very typical “Rock N Roll” but very flat Rock N Roll, we have a not­-so­-Metal band but more of a lesser toned and very simple Rock N Roll band with not much else to deliver. Though the image is still there, if you think MANOWAR's lyrics and themes were simple, wait til you hear BITERS. Though the album has its props, like enjoyable musicianship and instrumentation (you can really hear every single instrument) it has a lot of cons too, it's just too simple for me… I appreciate the band's attempt to keep Rock N Roll alive and they do it very well, it's just for me, it's catchy, cheesy and too simple. But despite my uptight negativity, the music is very enjoyable, it's just for me I probably wouldn't be replaying “Electric Blood” in the foreseeable future, though

I'll definitely recommend it to those who seem to dig this kind of music. I really don't want to sound negative towards the band, this is just how I felt first time. I'll give this to them, the vocalist has a very good voice but if you're looking for “Ronnie James Dio” or “Lemmy Kilmeister” style Rock N Roll Metal vocals, this isn't for you. If you want a calm, enjoyable listen, definitely for you. With almost 30,000 fans on Facebook, they're clearly doing something right though. So on their behalf, BITERS definitely have Rock N Roll integrity. To numb it down, all I can really say about “Electric Blood” is it's a very catchy and enjoyable listen, but if you're looking for insanely brutal Metal like SOULFLY or CANNIBAL CORPSE, haha, move along. Nonetheless, the album had me enjoying it quite a bit but it's something I probably won't be listening to again. “The Kids Aren't Alright” I thought THE OFFSPRING did that too? It sounds different though, don't worry. Usually when I come to a Metal magazine I expect to see METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH, and ANTHRAX type stuff, but BITERS isn't that kind of thing, most definitely not, at least from the impression I got first time and I still stick by that. Though BITERS is certainly more Metal than a band I reviewed – GALLEY BEGGAR who are a folk rock band with not much Metal at all.

Trying not to sound too harsh, fellow Metalheads will probably think the same as me when they turn on “Electric Blood” but again, trying to not to sound too harsh about my elitism and love for Metal, BITERS delivers a fancy Rock N Roll experience for those looking for a innocent listen, if you like the phrase “oh yeah” you'll love “Electric Blood” too. In complete conclusion, if you love “yeahs”, fine production and an enjoyable listen, give BITERS a go, you'll thank me later, it's just not my thing but thinking outside my box, those who love this kind of stuff most definitely will love it.

3 Star Rating

1. Restless Hearts
2. 1975
3. Heart Fulla Rock N Roll
4. Dreams Don't Die
5. Electric Blood
6. The Kids Aren't Alright
7. Low Lives In Hi Definition
8. Time To Bleed
9. Loose From The Noose
10. Space Age Wasteland
Tuk ­ - Vocals/Guitar
Matt - ­Vocals/Guitar
Philip ­- Bass/Vocals
Joey – Drums/Percussion
Record Label: Earache Records


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Edited 31 May 2023

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