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Bittered - Hubris Aggression

Hubris Aggression
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 13 March 2016, 4:05 PM

Well, some nasty and aggressive forms of music are needed sometimes, when we are on the verge of a nervous collapse. This is the main power behind some moments on a Metallian life, because the energy of the music turns into a wild and strong reaction against what is wrong on his/her life. And maybe bands as BITTERED, a savage quartet coming from York, on Pennsylvania (USA) are a true power source for these moments, as "Hubris Aggression" shows clearly.

Making a perfect mix between Doom Metal music and some abrasive elements from Sludge Metal, we have on "Hubris Aggression" a slow paced, bitter and extremely aggressive form of music. And to be honest, there are some moments when they really get near to a Doom Death Metal band, but it's just an impression. I know that this form of music is not anything extremely new, but it is done with personality, and that what really matters.

Speaking about the sound quality, I must state that they use very good abrasive and aggressive tunes. But they don't turn their sound into something too nasty or distorted that we couldn't understand. No, there are a certain and good level of sound clarity, even more than we are used to hear on other bands from the style. And that really counts to their work, because no one told that to be a Sludge Metal band, you must have the dirtiest and distorted sound quality possible.

Their best moments of "Hubris Aggression" are: the nasty "America is Killing You" (slow tempos, with a fine work on the rhythmic session of the band), the thunderous and distorted destroyer of ears called "Poisoned Earth" (very good harsh vocals, with screamed tunes. But as well, bass guitar is fine on some introspective moments), the putrid aggressiveness presented on "Mouth Full of Shit" (with good guitars and work from drums), and the "sabbathic" "In the Skies", with its hooking riffs and good vocals.

A good work, but they can do better than we hear here.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Places You Never Dreamed
2. America is Killing You
3. Anger and Guilt
4. Poisoned Earth
5. Mouth Full of Shit
6. Illusion of Man
7. Push It Down
8. In the Skies
9. Consumed by Garbage
Kasey - Vocals
Paul - Guitars
John - Bass
Dennis - Drums
Record Label: Lost Apparitions Records


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