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Bitterness - Dead World Order

Dead World Order
by Craig Rider at 26 May 2020, 8:03 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BITTERNESS; signed via G.U.C. Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Black/Thrash Metal, on their 7th Full-Length Album entitled: "Dead World Order" (released May 15th, 2020).

Since formation in 2001; the trio in question have a Demo, a Single; 2 EPs, a Split; a Boxed Set, a Compilation & 7 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far. I am introduced to their 7th album entitled: "Dead World Order". 9 tracks ranging at around 42:30; BITTERNESS arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black/Thrash Metal amalgamations. Beginning the record with the .44s acoustic-light lilting guitar instrumental: "The Last Sunrise"; leading into an amplified assault frenzy, barraging flamboyantly crunchy adrenaline & boisterously bouncy firepower in the next grinder: "A Bullet A Day". Firing all guns blazing; furnacing all cylinders, attacking eardrums with monstrously meaty chugs & galloping frolicks induce a chaotic but distorted flair of skyrocketing vehemence.

Consisting of Frank Urschler on vocals/guitars; the frontman excels with throaty shreiks, raspy screams that yell with risingly uproarious pipes. (At times sounding like Mille Petrozza from Big Tuetonic 4 German Thrashers KREATOR) Lungs that shatter windows with thunderous squeakiness that manifests with meticulous barks, and high-pitched soars blister at a gnarly attribution of versatile tightness – while piledriving with thick rhythmic tempos while ultilizing riveting shreds that roar with creatively dextrous calamities. Implementing a dynamic virtuosity of quintessential triggering, trailblazing mayhem & relentlessly synergetic momentum. The titular track showcases primitively raw roughness, revolving around a punchy jumpiness that lacerates a sonically seamless rift of rampent substance, organically ruthless pandemonium & potently vibrant snappiness.

Audible bassist Thomas Kneer injects an infectiously-driven expertise of thumpy yet pulverising remedies that portray a lot of quirky maelstroms & outrè panache that will make anyone break chairs over other chairs! "Idiocracy" starts off with a detailed craftsmanship of unique harmonization embellishing on experimental but carvernous tinged melo-death hooks, frantically captivating you to blitz as it transfixes you with those double-bass drum cymbals from hammering crusher Andreas Kiechle. He batters his set with steely yet rambunctious precision, solidified with pummelling pounding & speedy grooves executing razor-sharp melodies that unleashes total whiplash for everyone involved. Demonstrating distinctively distinguished carnage, that will make your soul thrash with salubrious joy.

"Let God Sort 'Em Out" establishes an immersively intense ritual of mandatory ramifications that rumble with reverberating efficaciousness; impactfully enticing intriguements bombard a destructive force of malicious songwriting musicianship and fluidly polished pursuits, which strikes with sulphurous technicalities while progressively persisting into a perseverence of neck-breaking domination. Distributing a chunky but borderline foundation of revelling dimensions and hybrid contrast, tearing up a hardened fabrication of subjugating sound production subtlety. "Forward Into The Past" profusely stomps with more robust strengths; while rampaging ragingly bulldozing blows, featuring a cool lick with wicked solos that stampede with vicious velocity and a vulgar but headbanging display of strumming stability.

"Blood Feud" creeps into a killer lead, kicking it up tenfold with sledgehammering results…mixing up relishing varieties of volatile savagery. The riffs massively romp up into a furious grit of concrete energy, exploding speakers with mighty rebellion…transistioning pulsating aggression, extreme grandeurs & a grandiose element of enriching empowerments embody a consistently complex onslaught that oozes sinisterly ominous but delightful regime of prestigious musical professionalism. The penultimate track: "None More Black" culmimates a euphonic hint of mellifluous aesthetics, approaching into some splendid tremelo picks & an adverse alignment of machina-tier stimulations. Until the overall concluding instrumental epic: "Darkest Times" completes the record with some outbursting flavours, and an ambient but crushing mass of melodious solace with elegantly angelic exquisites that still manage to triumphantly finish in a constructive but diligent end.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that BITTERNESS certainly outdone themselves with this one, I discovered a band that rewards you with remarkable talent and a potentially replayable splendour that combusts into a fiery slab of enjoyably entertaining bangers, distilling a bruisingly brutal landscape of punishing moods with resoundingly zestful vibes that can conjure up wildly rushing performances while pumping you up for a motivating time. "Dead World Order" definitely deserves a few listens, and is most welcome to your collection as well. Rock this beast!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. The Last Sunrise
2. A Bullet a Day
3. Dead World Order
4. Idiocracy
5. Let God Sort 'Em Out
6. Forward Into the Past
7. Blood Feud
8. None More Black
9. Darkest Times (Instrumental) 
Andreas Kiechle - Drums
Frank Urschler - Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Kneer - Bass
Record Label: G.U.C. Records


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