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Bizarre - Invocation Codex

Invocation Codex
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 October 2021, 1:24 PM

The use of elements from old tales created by North American writer H. P. Lovecraft on the lyrics of Metal isn’t a new feature. But it’s astonishing to thing that such lyrical matter fits in a great way in Death Metal acts. To be clean, the use of lovecratian mythology on Death Metal seems to begin with MORBID ANGEL on “Altars of Madness” days (remembering that the materials that exist on it and on “Blessed are the Sick” are, in the greater part, inherited from their early days). Obviously a study must be done in this aspect, but of course bands as Spanish quartet BIZARRE comes using Lovecraft’s legacy with a creative insight, as can be seen (and heard) on “Invocation Codex”, their first album.

The band uses a traditional form of making Death Metal that reminds the early days of the 90’s, with obvious influences from DEATH, BENEDICTION, ENTOMBED, ASPHYX and others, but using a personal way to breath a new (and brutal) life in their music. It has the nasty and aggressive energy that every Death Metal fans love, the old elements as well, but with a new form of doing things (from where the fans can see their musical personality coming). So be prepared for a massive and brutal assault into your ears! The band brought Javi Félez   to make the mixing and mastering of “Invocation Codex”, and things worked out in a good way. Having the same features that are expected from an Old School Death Metal sound quality, but allowing the modern technologies to do their work, all is sounding brutal and oppressive, but in a defined way. The final result is really very good.

All the songs are fine examples of how a traditional Death Metal band can sound fresh and full of life, but the nasty and massive “An Obsolete Creation” (excellent guitar riffs entwined by horror-like occasional keyboards parts), the contrasts presented on “The Shadow over Innsmouth” (thanks for the very good rhythmic parts from bass guitar and drums), the slow parts with darkened and brutal ambiences of “Ex Oblivione” (once more bass guitar and drums are doing a great work, creating catchy rhythms), “Souls in Formaldehyde” with its amazing and sickening guitar riffs and solos, the same happening with the catchy approach used on “Awaiting the Equinox” and on “The Advent of Eternal Pain” (where some weird melodies fits on the abrasive aggressiveness, with very good grunts from the vocals), and the brutal “Ancient Forgotten Tsathoggua” are the ones for a first travel into the mysteries and nightmares of R’lyeh guided by this insane quartet. But a tip for the band: the vocals are very good, but some little adjustments can improve things even more, as the use of more guttural tunes.

For now, BIZARRE is really a promising name in the Spanish Death Metal scene (that is really amazing), so let’s hope that, as the pandemic is gone, “Invocation Codex” can become a battering ram for them into the worldwide Death Metal scene.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Void
2. An Obsolete Creation
3. The Shadow over Innsmouth
4. Anima
5. Ex Oblivione
6. Souls in Formaldehyde
7. From Beyond the Grave
8. The Speeches of the Damned
9. Awaiting the Equinox
10. In the Bowels of Voormithadreth
11. The Advent of Eternal Pain
12. The Call of the Great Old Ones
13. Ancient Forgotten Tsathoggua
Mark Berserk - Vocals
Obszen - Guitars, Bass
Evilead - Guitars
V-Kazar - Drums
Record Label: Transcending Obscurity Records


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