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Bjarm - Imminence Award winner

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 08 December 2014, 6:06 PM

Since EMPEROR, DIMMU BORGIR and SATYRICON appeared to the world, showing how to make a mix between the Old Way of Black Metal with atmospheric orchestrations, Black Metal gained a great musical range. And this way brood great and excellent names, as COVENANT (before becoming THE KOVENANT and going into a more Industrial Metal embodiment). But since long, many fans miss something like that old feeling, where darkened feeling appears a lot with elegant touches. Well, your waiting is over: from Russia, the ashes of long dead communist dictatorship, arises the morbid and wonderful sextet BJARM that comes with their first album, a melodic and “Imminence”.

Here, the great keyboards orchestrations are not as symphonic as some can think, but reminds the same way used on “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” and “Sacro Culto” (from OPERA IX). But please, don’t misunderstand Ol’ Big Daddy here: these nephews and niece of mine have a strong and bold personality, their own way of playing, with great harsh vocals (with low tunes in greater part of the album, but with some high pitches, and some female vocals incursions as well), excellent guitar work (with perfect riffs), a strong and heavy rhythmic basis, and great orchestrations from keyboards. And their music has some epic and folk touches, but not to the point to tear them apart from Black Metal.

Produced by the band, with Pavel Korotaev on mixing and Tony Lindgren (who previously worked with PARADISE LOST) on mastering, and so the album is granted with a very good sound quality, without being so raw that could damage the melodic aspect and the orchestrations, but not so clean to the point to destroy the essential dirty that Black Metal needs.

All is said and done, so in terms of music: “perfect” is the best word to fit “Imminence”.

All the ten tracks are extremely fine, done with excellent arrangements, a very creative work, with best moments… No, there are no best moments here!

From the intro “Approaching of the Close” and it’s grandiosity to “Tree to the Bones”, Big Daddy here has no words to describe as this album is excellent. Maybe the BJARM can be greatest revelation of this year.

If these guys have the right support and the opportunity on festivals, they can reach the same level of great names like the ones above. It’s a finding, and Ol’ Big Daddy here is happy and very proud of my nephews and nieces.

5 Star Rating

1. Approaching of the Close
2. Knowledge of Doom
3. Ominous Dreams
4. The Nine Worlds
5. Fire Lord's Torment
6. Imminence
7. Oracle
8. Secret of the Immortals
9. The Highest Hall
10. Tree on the Bones
Andrey Vait - Vocals
Alexey Miroshin - Guitars
Egor Vorobiev - Guitars
Anastasiya Angie - Keyboards, Vocals
Mikhail Shatnyi - Bass
Vitaliy Prakhov - Drums
Record Label: Fono Ltd.


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