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Blaakyum - Line Of Fear Award winner

Line Of Fear
by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 04 November 2016, 7:16 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to present to you; BLAAKYUM, signed independently, hailing from the Middle East, and on their 2nd album performing Thrash/Heavy/Folk Metal entitled, “Line Of Fear”.

Since formation in 1995, this Middle Eastern quintet has only 1 album behind them, “Lord Of The Night” (released in 2012). Fast forward to 2016; “Line Of Fear” unleashes on June 25th. Relishing unprecedented experiences, I'm acquainted with a quartet that not only excel themselves greatly, they stay true to their love for Thrash Metal by implementing an utmost heavier sound that screams out power – not only that, Folk Metal influences are also put into motion for that ambient value. Right off the earphones, I listened to this record a good number of times and my word, I was just simply blown away. Even to a point that the next day resulted in a neck-ache of whiplash gloriousness (unless I slept funny). Coming from the war-torn country that is Lebanon, what should one expect?! The band in question have serious balls and for this reviewer, I couldn't be more proud of these guys for their contributions to Thrash Metal.

Consisting of Bassem Deaibess on vocals/rhythm guitar, the dude prominently delivers complex vocal ranges that just scream out potential. The riffery on top of that is also immensely complex that if it doesn't compel one to air-guitar…there must be something wrong with you. The excruciating powerhouse of Rany Battikh/Pierre Le Port on bass, flawlessly thrashes his weapon with skilled proficiency, and the extremity of Hassan Alkhedher on drums outstandingly connects with the sound production to engage on some intense frills of oppression. Rabih Deaibess on lead guitar comprises of intent dexterity that showcases efficient flare of riffing musicianship. Elie Abou Abdo on percussions also transcends more excellence for making this one of the most atmospheric yet brutal listens you'll come across in 2016. “Line Of Fear” and BLAAKYUM should be YOUR favorite Lebanese band.

9 exquisite tracks of thrashing excellence comprising at around 39:15 sees “Crossing”, “The Line Of Fear” & “Wicked Revelation” starting off the album. Anticipating this one with high expectations; I wasn't at all surprised with what I had in store. The band implement the heaviest of intentions to thrash their instruments with precise elegance; profound in songs like “Destined To Rise”, “Baal - Adon” & “Religion Of Peace”, I was thrashing like a maniac almost too diligently. The most unique element has to be the execution of the atmospherics around this section of the record having noteworthy progressives to get you pumped for more bestiality. “Freedom Denied” & “I Am Who I Am” end the record with classy coherency. “Riot Against Riot” is a bonus track for those who crave more intense brutality. “Line Of Fear” is certainly a “thrashterpiece” of the year, and is most certainly recommended for any thrasher throughout the world.

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Crossing
2. The Line Of Fear
3. Wicked Revelation
4. Destined To Rise
5. Baal - Adon
6. Religion Of Peace
7. Freedom Denied
8. I Am Who I Am
9. Riot Against Riot
\[Bonus Track]
Bassem Deaibess - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Rany Battikh/Pierre Le Port - Bass
Hassan Alkhedher - Drums
Rabih Deaibess - Lead Guitar
Elie Abou Abdo - Oriental Percussions (Sessionist)
Record Label: Independent


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