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Black Altar - Suicidal Salvation Award winner

Black Altar
Suicidal Salvation
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 19 March 2014, 1:42 AM

BLACK ALTAR is a satanic as you want Black Metal band from Poland. “Suicidal Salvation” is not their first album, not at all. The group started back in the early- mid nineties. These guys like any self-respecting Black Metal act are quite satanic and totally anti-Christian. The album is complete with fast ass blast beats, dark eerie guitars, and beautiful symphonic intros. Yes these guys are as black as metal can get, and thank Satan that they exist, to remind why I love black metal so much. This album is considered to be a mini album, consisting of only five tracks, but what an interesting theme it has. Sacrificing oneself to Satan, be honest how many times have you thought of doing such a thing?

The vocals on this album, as expected, are all harsh. Yes, his shriek / growl is perfect for evil Kvlt Black Metal. The drums are fast and unrelenting, with plenty of blast beats, and plenty of double bass. During the Metal there really isn’t any symphonic sounds, but the intro, and the instrumental song are evil foreboding and completely symphonic. This takes it to another level. The guitars on the album are dark, eerie, and evil. It is the perfect combination of elements to scare the Christian right out of you. (hehe) There is absolutely nothing about this cd that is light, by any meaning of the word, and I really love it. I mean the Shadow sounds like he was spat right out of hell. Now one thing about the raw Black Metal is a lot of it starts to sound the same, but these guys don’t really fall into that rut. They remind me of some GORGOROTH, but with their own twists.

Overall I loved this album. It took me back to my school days when I played and dressed like a Black Metal fiend. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy. Of course black metal is like a fine cheese, in that it is almost certainly an acquired taste, but to those who appreciate it there is a raw grim beauty that no other type of Metal can really capture. These guys are awesome for any black hearted fiend who loves the genre. For those who don’t, well, they probably won’t care for it. Anyways I give this album a 666(10)/10.

5 Star Rating

1. The Sentence
2. Suicidal Salvation
3. Journey the Astral Realm
4. Pulse Ov the Universe
5. 666 MegaBeast
Shadow - Bass / Vocals
Horizon - Guitars
Record Label: Darker Than Black


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