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Black April – Lunitics (Demo)

Black April
Lunitics (Demo)
by Michael Coyle at 29 May 2015, 5:31 PM

Today I have something which to be very honest is hard to pin point and hard to explain, there are moments where in this job you will get albums and ep's which make you think, but this is something which I feel could have been done better and could have had more effort placed into it.

Archwing (Political Warfare and Damned)”: From the start we have this old fasioned announcment like what you woould hear on an old radio which opens the song, but as the song starts we enter what can only be described as a low quality and very poorly created entry into the song. It sounds to me as if the instruments haven't been tuned and that the band have not carefully looked over what it is that they are making, I'm going to be very honest that although the band have probably tried their best it feels like everything on here has been rushed and that it could have been sharpened up.

Balls Deep”: For this song we can hear in the faint distance a high pitch harmonic creating a decent effect for the track, the riffs as well create a powerful face to face pounding sound which really works for the band I would say compared to the previous track, but still I find myself faced with the vocals thinking that they could have been done better as it sounds like someone coughing into a microphone. Don't get me wrong; there are parts where vocalist Sean Deth makes it work but only rarely, besides this I feel that there are some moments to this track but it just doesn't seem to keep up to speed which is dissapointing if you ask me.

Gravedigger (Live)”: I'm still trying to figure out why the band would need to do a live track of one of their songs as every song seems to have been tracked with a different recording technique as it is. From the start it was simply hard for me to listen to, literally speaking as I could hardly hear anything besides the ear splitting opening which was the only thing I could make out, along with the vocals there really is not anything else to hear as it is. Yes, a raw track, but it just doesn't work as well as it should, I can give credit to where it is due but I'm sorry guys this just doesn't work.

To conclude, I feel that, even for a demo, that everything on here has been rushed and poorly produced, for it being a demo I can understand this but the thought still stands: why would you need a live track for a demo, especially for your first demo? There is room for improvement but unfortunately these songs have a long way to go.

1 Star Rating

1. Archwing (Political Warfare and Damned)
2. Balls Deep
3. Gravedigger (Live)
Sean Deth - Vocals / Bass
Josh Nally - Guitars / Vocals
Max Zotti - Lead Guitar
Nathan Karns – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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