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Black Bull - Rock All Night Award winner

Black Bull
Rock All Night
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 11 July 2013, 11:26 AM

BLACK BULL is a Hard Rock band hailing for the cold, or maybe not now, Czech Republic, was founded in December 2009 and consists of pretty experienced musicians. ”Rock All Night” is their debut and was just released to the world, and in two versions, one in English and the other in Czech.

I couldn't help but notice how lead vocalist, Lucie Roubickova, has such an amazing Doro flavour. Singing both in Czech and English seems like nothing of an effort to her as she is highly fluent and flowing. The title track “Rock All Night” is a fast pace number, filled with energy, well written riffing and a hell of a catchy chorus for a sweet appetizer, yet it is my opinion its melody reminded of the notorious Britney Spears' track, “Hi Me Baby One More Time”. Nonetheless, I liked. “Dirty Game” showcased Rock N' Roll riffs with crafty drumming; the singing took me to songs of Joan Jett and Doro. “Newport Boulevard”, first in line, is a bag of tricks generating an emotional product. Roubickova's soaring vocals kept the beat going, harnessing a little Alternative vibe following GUANO APES. “Rape Me Back” has two versions on album. It's so called electric version is comprised of heavy riffery, smashing solo, fine rhythms, great lyrics and memorable chorus. The Piano version, the last on the list, is a duet with tuneful soloing.

Other tracks that should be tuned: “Seven Seas Apart”, rocky and catchy along with the likes of “Wrong”. “Red Wolf” is pretty raw, yet melodic, with a climate of DORO. Low tuned guitars and melodic riffs within “Danger Zone” and the gentle acoustic ballad of “Hunted”.

BLACK BULL has various of ways to present their Hard Rock distinctions. The end result turned out quite unique, highly marketable and recognizable. This release is highly recommend for every fan of melodic Hard Rock with female voice, raspy as Doro can get.

4 Star Rating

1. Newport Boulevard
2. Dirty Game
3. Danger Zone
4. Rock All Night
5. Hunted
6. Rape Me Back
7. Seven Seas Apart
8. Wrong
9. Ritual
10. Red Wolf
11. Rape Me Back (piano version)
Lucie Roubickova – Vocals
Otto Kokstein – Bass
Filip Simbera – Guitars
Svatopluk Sutera – Drums
Record Label: SAOL Music


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