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Black Capricorn - Omega

Black Capricorn
by Emily Schneider at 18 February 2020, 8:11 PM

Doom Metal. It's usually a genre full of gloom and sorrow. BLACK CAPRICORN certainly doesn't make an exception to that rule when it comes to bringing on the melancholy with slow, atmospheric riffs and haunting vocals. The Italian trio formed the band in 2007 and has since recorded 4 albums. “Omega” is their most recent album that initially came out in 2017 exclusively on vinyl. How did this album wind up here in 2020 then? Sad Sun Music approached the band in 2019, offering to re-release the album on CD. They agreed and the special double CD version is due to arrive on February 14th, 2020. The album itself is more than worthy of a re-release considering this band does Psychedelic Doom Metal impeccably well.
“Evil Horde of Lucifer” begins with chuggy Doom Metal riffs paired with ritualistic chanting. The eerie sensation it evokes immediately gave me goosebumps. It returns toward the end of the track as well; I always enjoy when a track comes back around full circle. “Accabadora” has cool vocals, they're reminiscent of traditional Gothic Metal . The short melodic guitar solo around the five minute mark was an interesting bit too. “Flower of Revelation” is a slightly faster pace and has more of a melody to cling to than the first few tracks. The vocals remind me of the late David Gold (WOODS OF YPRES) at points. “Antartide” is the longest track on the album and has a slow, ominous build up for the first 5 minutes. The build up leads to a near perfect Psychedelic Doom listening experience that carefully adds in more elements and shifts instruments around as the 17 minute track goes along.
“Black Capricorn Seal” brings us back to that heavier BLACK SABBATH realm that many Doom Metal bands aim to do. “Stars of Orion” and “Quest For Agartha” both begin with some Gregorian Chant style vocals and it's both mystifying and a bit unsettling. The final track I want to highlight is the title track “Omega” which has some melodic guitar portions that always catch my attention in otherwise slow repetitive riff focused music.
All in all, this album is nearly oozing with ELECTRIC WIZARD influence, which I have zero complaints about. This trio does Stoner Doom Metal very well, they have good slow pacing that isn't too slow, but more than enough to build the ambient “smoke a bowl and just chill” vibe this subgenre aims for. I am definitely more of a Melodic and/or Symphonic Doom Metal fan, so I do have to listen to these more niche styles of Doom Metal in intervals. I can still give props to BLACK CAPRICORN for creating a cool chilling melancholy album that's enveloped in a smoky haze.
Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

Disc I
1. Alpha
2. Evil Horde Of Lucifer
3. Accabadora
4. Flower Of Revelation
5. Antartide
6. Black Capricorn Seal
7. Devil And The Death

Disc II
8. The Man Who Dared
9. Stars Of Orion
10. Quest For Agartha
11. Omega
12. Doom For The Red Sun (bonus track)
13. La Sella Del Diavolo (bonus track)
14. Astroflower (bonus track)
Rachela Piras: drums
Virginia Piras: bass
Fabrizio Monni: guitars, vocals
Record Label: Independent


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