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Black Ceremonial Kult - Crowned In Chaos

Black Ceremonial Kult
Crowned In Chaos
by Andrew Harvey at 24 August 2021, 9:18 PM

BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT are a black/death metal band who came together in 2014, three of their members are still active as part of the band, although their drummer has changed since then. Their previous releases have all been mostly demos and then other releases were split between them and another band, they include; KRATHERION, GENOCIDE BEAST and WARGOAT have worked with BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT in the past.

It was said that the band took their inspiration for their new EP from “occult mysticism and it obviously leads into frightening and dangerous places”. This is how the band would describe their latest EP release named CROWNED IN CHAOS through the record label, Godz Ov War Productions. It was released in all formats back in the middle of June earlier this year.

The first track “Intro: Blood In The Secret Chamber Of Ikenti” is this dark mysterious sound palette of percussive rhythms, sustained vocals and other instruments that are obscure. “Chariot Of Sphinxes” releases pure death metal with a crashing ensemble of all instruments. Themes of violence, anger and frightening gestures are very clear. The continuity of this wall of sound is ear-shrieking to say the least.

“Intro: Boiling Substances In Hellish Trance” another inescapable tunnel of terrifying rumbling vocals and subtle sounds. “Under The Khaos” dives back into the madness we heard before in the 2nd track. The combination of black metal and death metal influences is nail biting. It’s also an overwhelming power house of a track that literally captures the band's objective in this track.

“Intro: The Projection Of Sorcery And Blasphemy” is the third instalment of the occult mysticism, heard before with sustained arrangement of sonically enhanced sound effects. “Masters Temple K.V.M.” is the next catapult of more mind blowing; harsh vocals, sustained guitar and deathly sound drumming. There is a short passage of subtle guitar but the chaos in this track returns, wildly and furiously as always.

“The Scarlet Woman Dances For The Unforgotten Godz” another track marked as always with rhythmic movements and prolonged drone sound effects. “K.K.K.” underlines what we have heard before with black metal guitar & vocals accompanied by death destroying drum patterns soaring through the mix. “V.K.K.” simply provides a sequel to the previous track, the total hysteria of almighty thunder and ravenous sounds blended together.

“M.K.K.” is the third track using letters in the title, and comes with a building crescendo of guitar and drum parts. This is certainly the climatic pinpoint of the EP with guitar vibrato making its appearance. The contrast between subtle soundscape and head-banging metal mania is well produced. Closing this EP is the finale, “Outro: Introspection Through The Unknown” is our final listening experience of sonic effects and mesmerizing input of other vocal growls.

I have to say this EP is certainly dominant with death metal so to speak, very excessive too with the sound barriers that are conjoined together with screeching vocals. I did feel that the more soundscape tracks which were tracks; 1, 3, 5, 7 & 11 giving that petrifying feel of not being able to take in what the listener hears. The intensity of the other tracks is overpowering and monstrous too, the drums seem to be the instrument that stands out more, maybe not so excessive.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Intro: Blood In The Secret Chambers Of Ikenti
2. Chariot Of The Sphinxes
3. Intro: Boiling Substances In Hellish Trance
4. Under The Khaos
5. Intro: The Projection of Sorcery And Blasphemy
6. Masters Temple K.V.M.
7. The Scarlet Woman Dances For The Unforgotten Godz
8. K.K.K.
9. V.K.K
10. M.K.K
11. Outro: Introspection Through The Unknown
Khaos - Vocals
Jorge “Vilú” Ferńandez - Guitars
Rodrigo “Maot” Becerra - Bass, Intro + Keyboards
Negro - Drums
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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