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Black Cobra - Imperium Simulacra Award winner

Black Cobra
Imperium Simulacra
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 August 2016, 4:02 PM

Well, there are lots of trends into Metal scene on the last years. Ok, I understand that when this fact occurs, some good names appear, and some that we make great efforts to forget once and for all.

One of these trends I meant above is Doom / Stoner / Sludge Metal. Yes, because I never saw such number of bands coming from the depths of the underground scene. But there's the problem that good bands can be lost in the middle of this flood. And one good name is from the North American duo BLACK COBRA, a veteran with 15 years of experience on the shoulders. So "Imperium Simulacra" is filled with this experience.

It's nasty, dirty and aggressive, but the band has a very good personality pulsing under their musical arrangements, and their music is filled with some influences that don't fit on the label, but are truly fine inside their music (as the extreme Metal influence that is clearly shown on "Obsolete"). Their work is different, but will not cause complain from fans of this kind of music.

The sound quality is ok. Raw and dirty on the instrumental tunes they use, the abrasive aggressiveness that comes from the sound, but it was done in a way that we can understand clearly what they are doing. Yes, it's heavy and aggressive, but conceived with a high level of quality.

The enigmatic album's cover is a fine embodiment for their music, and it's done with quality.

These guys know how to be creative, and how to not be stagnated. And songs as the nightmare called "Challenger Deep" (with tempos that changes a lot, going from fast moments ones to slower ones, showing a fine work on guitar riffs), the aggressive and nasty work from the heavy rhythmic kitchen on "Imperium Simulacra", the technical arsenal of riffs shown on "Fathoms Below" (this one has very good melodies under the aggressiveness of the vocals), the abrasive vocals and the melodic tempos of "Eye Among the Blind" (this song shows a fine groove), the short and aggressive "Obsolete" (very fast tempos, and truly bitter vocals), and the bonus track "Sentinel (Infinite Observer)" (aggressive and nasty as a bear striking your head, with great drumming once more) can be said as their finest moments.

"Imperium Simulacra" is a very good album, indeed.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Challenger Deep
2. Imperium Simulacra
3. Fathoms Below
4. Eye Among the Blind
5. The Messenger
6. Obsolete
7. Dark Shine
8. Sentinel (Infinite Observer)
9. Technical Demise
Jason Landrian - Guitars, vocals
Rafael Martinez - Drums
Record Label: Season of Mist


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