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Black Crucifixion - Coronation Of King Darkness

Black Crucifixion
Coronation Of King Darkness
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 15 August 2013, 12:30 PM

Out of the ordinary, explicit, philosophically horrid, it would imply of an unyielding blackened richness of the human entity, its true nature and supposed constant way of life. There is that urge, the need to reveal aspects in order to shock, create a measure of chaos for others to witness what they truly are, savages of the world around them, a blink in a large spectrum so vast, and there is no use denying it. Mentioning these philosophical issues might heightened one’s senses towards what is referred to as the facts of life, yet I believe that what the Finnish Black Metal hedonists, BLACK CRUCIFIXION, is much deeper than measly flesh and blood or might even the seeds of Satan. Fairly, their new album, “Coronation Of King Darkness”, via Spinefarm Records, was an ordeal to overtake, even after more than enough listening sessions. It shouldn’t be considered as a hard listener, yet other than being dreary at times, it somewhat felt tough to consume.

“Coronation Of King Darkness” isn’t your ordinary old school Black Metal album, actually regarding it as an old school release will be a flaw in judgement. BLACK CRUCIFIXION, as a part of the early 90s scene of the genre, altered the raw perception of the music and turned it a thing of mystery. Generally, it would appear as complex, displaying tendencies towards of Doom and Gothic Metal, while achieving several psychedelic influences of the 70s. Nearly each track felt like a sorrowful epic, even the shorter endeavours, melting away into an own agony, yet that same depression was formed quite well. Though on the whole it was a rather tiring experience, BLACK CRUCIFIXION efficaciously maintained the genre’s knack for the soul’s emptiness, dangerous, uncertainty and blasphemous worship of the down under. Not being one of the least best, “Heroes End Up on Gallows” is one of the closest emblems to where Black Metal shifted its gaze, demonstrating fine rhythm guitar riffery, a few promising tremolo picking licks, tight drumming in forms of gallop and unique keyboards’ signatures. Regrettably, I couldn’t stand that particular vocal that much, although throughout the album Forn’s vocals were absorbed rather well. Nonetheless, the ambitious “Thieves” conjured the arts of the old Black Metal fury, cursing with energetic blast beats and simply put main riff under the command of Forn’s unholy preaching, yet the song also pervades the forsaken entries of begrimed Doom with dirge hooks of melodic melancholic emphasis. Therefore, as you might notice there is a representative to every side of the coin, in the middle it is a matter of what is expected I suppose, quite enigmatic.

No doubt that BLACK CRUCIFIXION have been mustering their black arts of Metal music, as it has been going on for the last two decades. “Coronation Of King Darkness” is a challenging album, I admit that I lost myself on several occasions, yet I was able to take pleasure on parts of it. In overall, and interesting release, quite diverse, a level up for the genre’s early 90s undertakings but still felt like a drone and repetitive, especially on the lengthy tracks.

3 Star Rating

1. Coronation of King Darkness
2. What the Night Birds Sang
3. Heroes End Up on Gallows
4. Millions of Twigs Guide Your Way Through the Forest
5. Threefold
6. In the Bright Light of Night I Await the Turning Tide
7. Lodestar
8. Thieves
E.Henrik – Bass / Woodwinds / Keyboards / Guitar / Soundscapes
Forn – Vocals / Guitars / Soundscapes
E.R.Kill – Guitar
Rekku Rechardt – Guitar
V.S. Scorpius - Drums
Record Label: Spinefarm Records


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