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Black Crucifixion - Lightless Violent Chaos

Black Crucifixion
Lightless Violent Chaos
by Chris Hawkins at 10 June 2019, 6:02 PM

Forn (all instruments and vocals) and E. Henrick (bass) are stalwarts of BLACK CRUCIFIXION forming the band all the way back in 1991.  The Finns released a demo, “The Fallen One of Flames,” the following year and an EP, “The Promethean Gift,” in 1993.  There was a distinctive gap, however, between the EP release and the band’s first full-length in 2006, “Faustian Dreams”.  Thankfully, though, the band kept their darkened spirit pumped full of oxygen in the meantime and have rediscovered their left-handed purpose releasing their fourth full-length, “Lightless Violent Chaos” this month on Séance Records.

Five-Pointed Eye” kicks things off and is just a bit over two minutes in length.  In essence, it could be thought of as an introductory track, and it certainly lays down the darkened mood well.  “Free of Light,” the third track, has a unique vibe heavy on Gothic atmosphere.  The main riff is like a hybrid of Black Metal and SISTERS OF MERCY-like Goth, and it does well as a mission statement.  The feeling invoked is one of mystery and hypnotic visions staring into the void.  With upbeat drums that embody a tribal element, it is a pleasure to hear the way the bass is up front in the mix and used as a main force of melody.  “Free of Light” is most certainly a fitting title for as the music beats on, all remnants of light and joy are aptly eradicated in this most engaging funeral dirge.  Lacking a strict song structure, the overall dedication to feeling and thought eschews convention.  Each instrument contributes to the benefit of the overall effect rather that its own display of prowess.

The fifth track is titled “Of the Godless and Brave”.  It has a very anthemic quality as it builds gradually.  Initially, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of a PRIMORDIAL vibe which is meant as the utmost of compliments.  What is intriguing about the music is how simple riffs are strung together and elaborated upon to create layers upon layers of chilling atmosphere; however, the music never sounds crowded or overdone.  When the double bass kicks in, the true power is achieved as the listener is dazzled out of hypnosis.

This is music for those who love to get lost in what they are listening to.  In many ways, it seems a much more marked achievement to be able to create an album that induces a personal journey through the ether than one that simply exudes musical accomplishment and proficiency.  Yet again, Finland has proven to be the home for some of the most striking left of center music out there!

Songwriting:  7
Originality:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Five-Pointed Eye
2. Black Hole Metal
3. Free of Light
4. Deathless Be Me
5. Of the Godless and Brave
6. Discipline
7. Intuition

Forn – All instruments, Vocals
E. Henrik – Bass
Markus E. R. Kill – Guitars
P. A. Totensraum – Drums

Record Label: Seance Records


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