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Black Eye - Black Eye

Black Eye
Black Eye
by Metal Wim at 19 July 2022, 10:10 PM

Hey, the new STRYPER!. That, at least, is the first thought that jumps into my mind when opener “The Hurricane” starts. It doesn’t take long to add “Tooth And Nail” era DOKKEN to the influences, but also OZZY OSBOURNE. The latter is due to the fact that the guitar riffs on this song could have easily come from the late Randy Rhoads. But, let’s not forget, BLACK EYE is Melodic, only not really Rock, but a lot more Metal. And it sounds awfully good! There is power, there is speed, there is melody, there is quality, but most of all there is extremely good music.

David Readman is mostly known for his work with PINK CREAM 69, and can be seen as quite a good singer, or should I say a bloody great vocalist. He has developed into someone who is able to have the kind of voice that has the ability to lift a song above average if necessary. And that is exactly what he does on “Space Travel”, which to me is the least impressive song on “Black Eye”. It just lacks the pure quality the that will follow during the rest of the album. Just listen to “Break The Chains”, and you’ll have to agree. Is the aggression factor that lifts the Melodic Metal of BLACK EYE above the masses.

When the band decide to not hold back is when they sound at their best. How many times will you hear double bass drums on a Frontiers Records release? Not that often, but I am glad that BLACK EYE have opted to go for it. Like I said, it is that extra bit of power, speeds and forcefulness that sets “Black Eye” apart from many other Melodic releases. The musicians in the band are all very talented and sound extremely tight, which enhances the feeling you get when listening to songs like “No Turning Back”. As the band slows down, so does David Readman. And he should, otherwise he just would be singing at the top of his voice. Like I said, he is able to lift music one level higher, but that only will happen if he keeps on varying with the voice he uses. Thankfully he does just that on “Black Eye”.

As this is the first album by these guys, you can accept BLACK EYE exploring when they sound at their best. I think the y have found their market, and surely hope that they keep on going. And I’ll say it once again; the heaviest songs do suit them best. So, please, guys, keep that side of your musical influences at the front of your mind when writing new songs. Until next time, when I will gladly receive my second BLACK EYE!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Hurricane
2. Space Travel
3. Break The Chains
4. No Turning Back
5. Darkest Night
6. Midnight Sunset
7. Under Enemy's Fire
8. The Landing
9. Don't Trust Anyone
10. When You're Gone
11. Time Stand Still
David Readman - Vocals
Aldo Lonobile - Guitar
Luca Princiotta - Guitar
Andrea Arcangeli - Bass
David Folchitto – Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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