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Black Falcon - Turn Around and Face the Sun

Black Falcon
Turn Around and Face the Sun
by Dave Nowels at 20 December 2018, 4:47 AM

The UK’s BLACK FALCON formed in 2014 with founding members, vocalist Dave Ayres, guitarists Jony Hunter and Richard Fisher. A change in the rhythm section cemented the current line-up with Liam Hunter replacing Dave Naylor and Lee Durham replacing Jamie Robinson. The original line-up recorded and released the band’s EP, “Living In Me” in 2016. but here we have the current line-up representing on “Turn Around and Face the Sun”. The band has garnered a reputation as a high octane live phenomenon, having toured the UK with L.A. GUNS and opening for PUDDLE of MUD’s UK tour.

With “Turn Around and Face The Sun” , BLACK FALCON have presented a catchy, anthemic album that bristles with energy. What genre does the band fall in with? Really hard to say. There’s elements from multiple genres, but if pressed I’d say Melodic, with a touch of Doom. There are the ever Doom present SABBATHY riffs happening, but the soaring choruses lighten the mood.

“Wipe Out Gods” opens with some tuned down guitar goodness, and has a CORROSION OF CONFORMITY/CLUTCH feel. Basically a Southern Sludgy feel. It’s a strong opener, and must be a barn burner live. “One False Move” thunders in next with crashing cymbals, pounding drums, and a nice bass run. Here’s where I got a surprise. Vocally Ayres could almost at times be a dead ringer for Paul Stanley of KISS. That’s not a bad thing. Lyrically, the band tackles much of the human condition in a very sincere heartfelt manner. The song establishes the power of the choruses, and also provides the album’s title within its lyrics.
“Enough” is a slow burner, that pulls you in with its catchy hooks. There’s some clever song composition on display here, and that carries on throughout the album.

“Release the Hounds” again manages to showcase the fabulous low end grooves being maintained by Hunter and Durham. The album manages to really showcase the bass and drums on nearly every track, and that’s well deserved. Great playing deserves to be heard, and judos to the band for not burying them in the mix. “Two Face” and “The Wolf You Feed” follow and both continue to carry that heavier edge that’s somewhat softened by the hooks. Both “Pixel Queen” and “The Legend (I Appear)” were highlights for me, and their back to back placement on the album was some great strategy on the band’s part. They set up and re-enforce the next two tracks, “Great To Be You” and “The Final Must-Hang”, neither of which really stood out for me. Thankfully, the band closes out really strong with “Walls Come Down”. Great dual guitar work here, and a track not to be missed.

BLACK FALCON’s debut full-length has a lot going for it. It’s a strong album that should earn them some new fans while making their current fanbase pretty darn happy. The songs on “Turn Around and Face the Sun” sound as if they were crafted for live performance, and I have no doubt they’ll be using that to their advantage in the coming year.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1.  Wipe Out Gods
2. One False Move
3. Enough
4. Release the Hounds
5. Two Face
6. The Wolf You Feed
7. Pixel Queen
8. The Legend (I Appear)
9. Great To Be You
10. The Final Must-Hang
11. Walls Come Down
Dave Ayres - Vocals
Jony Hunter - Guitar
Richard Fisher - Guitar
Liam Hunter – Bass
Lee Durham – Drums
Record Label: MSH Music Group


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