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Black Feast ­- Larenuf Jubileum

Black Feast
Larenuf Jubileum
by Shiloh Santiago at 29 August 2015, 1:19 AM

Not much information can be found about BLACK FEAST. They are about as obscure as you can get, and their music reflects that. As a fan of Black Metal and underground music, I definitely get what they are shooting for on this album. Their is a sense of despair, a sense of urgency, and i embraced this album with clarity and profundity; counterpoint to the quiet qwful quality of the recordings. In a way, i see it as the answer to my call.

My first impression was, "I am not going to be able to listen to this". However, that is not the case. It is actually very enjoyable, listenable, brutal, and dare i say, comedic at times. That is what a good album should do, it should appeal to your senses. Where "Larenuf Jubileum" is lacking in "sound quality", it makes up for in substance and heart. A lot of modern metal runs the risk of sounding "over­produced" and becomes type­cast, sterile, and played out. There is no element of danger, and these new wave of bands sound cookie cutter and they sound like shit.

The music may be good, but the listener is bored. When listening to "Larenuf Jubileum", you have to practice the art of active listening; you have to work to hear the riffs, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. There are many great riffs, solos and beats. They may be caked in fuzz and growing hair, but like i said, you have to actively listen and work to hear them. It speaks to me in multiple ways; and the sound on "Larenuf Jubileum" parallels and reflects the struggles of an underground metal musician. The word of the day is STRIVE!

"Larenuf Jubileum" is fast, chaotic, and whips you into a frenzy. It just does not let up. BLACK FEAST are definitely a talented group of individuals, and they make quite a hellish racket. While trying it's hardest to be dark and brooding, the feeling i get is more a light­hearted sense of abandon, characteristic of adolescent angst. It's not a phase, Mom, it's who i really am! Raw and primal, "Larenuf Jubileum" has that savage quality to it. Put simply it has balls! All the fuzz and grit can't hide the fact that Black Feast are a great metal band. When musicians get together and just let loose, only good things can happen. The product is great music. The blast beats, riffs, and brutal bass culminate into a cacophony of beautiful noise, saturating you in distortion. Dig those names, too!

4 Star Rating

1. Ortni: Church of Darkness
2. Hideous Morbidity
3. Cemetary Profenation
4. Into the Lair of Baphomet
5. Necrosabbath
6. Black Blood of Impurity
7. Fornication
8. Slaughter
9. Mortuary Ghoul
10. Hideous Morbidity
11. Necrosabbath
12. Celebration of Death
13. Diabolus
14. Fornication
Nocturnal Soul oOf Graveyard Incantation - ­ Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
Demonomancer Of The Rising Curse Of Witchery - ­ Vocals & Bass
Grotesque Demon Of Darkness And Damnation - ­ Drums
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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