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Black Hate - Altalith Award winner

Black Hate
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 September 2020, 12:01 PM

Even when things seem to come to a point where erosion corroded a Metal genre, some heavy workers are still trying something that is different from what already exists. This is what those with an experimental insight are trying to do. And even when the things seems pretty hard to be assimilated, a new form of music can be born (a fine example is CELTIC FROST’s “Into the Pandemonium”, an album that even being praised by the press, was difficult for the fans back on the days of its release). So be patient with the Mexican BLACK HATE, because the darkened charm of “Altalith” can be difficult to understand in the first time.

It’s an avant-garde form of Black/Death Metal filled with non-usual experimental elements. It’s not so simple to describe, because the classic elements from Black/Death Metal can be heard, but it seems that an esoterically experimental need guides the band, with Jazz parts and nasty ambiances. And as happens in every release with something unexpected, it’s not so easy to absorb at first, but this aggressive and brutal form of music, with contrasts created by fast moments and broken tempos, really flows with passion. The production isn’t fitting on the band’s musical work 100%, but it works in a great way, allowing everyone to understand their musical expression without great efforts. The tunes were chosen in a way that the band really sounds good and defined, but it’s just a bit raw than the needed.

Brutal and oppressive parts filled with experimental tempos can be heard on “Hur/nin\\ki-sag” (pay some attention to the rhythmic changes created by bass guitar and drums) and on “Ir./Kalla” (this one presents technical and hooking guitars); “Nin\\ki/en-mah” focus its energies on darkened and morbid ambiances with slow parts and agonizing vocals contrasting with some fast rhythms and carnivorous shrieks chants, with “Altalith-jame/diu\\” sharing the same elements (but with a more Jazz/chaotic orientation). And with a more traditional approach, the band comes with “Bleed 17-09”, a massive and blasting song with the presence of Kim from HYPOTHERMIA (but the listener must be prepared for many rhythmic changes).

Obviously, “Altalith” has a charming and trying appeal that really hypnotizes the listeners. So give a listen to BLACK HATE, because you won’t regret the experience.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. The Gathering (instrumental)
2. Hur/nin\\ki-sag
3. Portal (instrumental)
4. Ir./Kalla
5. Ascension (instrumental)
6. Nin\\ki/en-mah
7. Extermination - Purification (instrumental)
8. Altalith-jame/diu\\
9. Bleed 17-09
B.G. Ikanunna - Vocals, Guitars
Jonathan V. Matus - Bass
Record Label: Dusktone Records


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