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Black Hole - Living Mask (Reissue)

Black Hole
Living Mask (Reissue)
by Jeff Legg at 05 August 2014, 5:39 PM

With Jolly Roger Records reissuing their album “Living Mask”, BLACK HOLE fans are getting exactly what they’ve been wanting. In 1985, this Italian trio recorded and released their debut album “Land of Mystery” and garnered moderate success and enough demand for their music, that they were back in the studio in 1988 to record this follow-up concept album. Because the album never got released, it’s probable that most BLACK HOLE fans didn’t even know that they had recorded a follow up, and the band split up and went their separate ways. In 2000, after twelve years of silence, Andromeda Relics released a limited run of 500 copies of “Living Mask”, on CD format. Those copies sold out quickly and that was that. And because there are only 500 copies in existence, they are very rare and hard to find.

Although BLACK HOLE were considered a doom-metal band back in the 1980’s, their sound is not what most Metalheads would consider doom by today’s standards. Their sound is more of a funeral style of gloom with church organs and experimental, psychedelic noises that is not that prevalent in metal these days. The vocals sound almost like background vocals and are what I would consider horror or gothic metal. I’m a huge fan of doom metal and have a huge collection of it, but personally, I just couldn’t get into “Living Mask” and don’t think it would be in much demand if it would have been released present day. But there are fans of BLACK HOLE out there and more than likely are very excited that Jolly Roger Records decided to re-issue it. And because the original six songs have been remastered, the updated digital version of “Living Mask” will surely make the die hard fan that much more happy. I consider their sound is an acquired taste and I just can’t find an appetite for it. Sorry.

1 Star Rating

1. Return of Gothic Spirit
2. Pain and Pleasure
3. Eternal Lycanthropy
4. Living Masks
5. The Dark Theatre
6. Black Hole
Robert Measles – Vocals, Bass, Piano Keyboards
David McAllister – Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Jolly Roger Records


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