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Black Ink River - Headstrong

Black Ink River
by Craig Rider at 08 November 2018, 1:28 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: BLACK INK RIVER; signed via GMR Music Group, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Hard Rock, on their debut alhum entitled: “Headstrong” (released October 5th, 2018).

The quintet in question have only this here debut album in their discography so far entitled: “Headstrong”; 10 tracks ranging at around 51:09, BLACK INK RIVER arrange an intricately designed formula of concretely gritty - vintage Hard Rock developments. “The Witch And The Wolf” begins the record, slowly but surely conveying constructively distinctive contrast in which demonstrates slight stoner rock amalgamations - distributing amplified, psychedelic converged with bluesy persistency. Nothing particularly special with this first track… ambient melodies and meticulous rhythms distribute elegant executions of harmonic orchestration. Extremity is non-existent, and savagely sinister vehemence neither - just a solid ball of hard rocking ramifications. If the aforementioned characteristics are what you are looking for here; I would check for something else.

Consisting of Daniel Wahlström on vocals; the frontman establishes adroitly complex pipes of profusely robust skill. The bouncy “My Church” experiments and exemplifies with crunchy hymns that excel with captivating enlightenment, followed by dextrous riffs and solos from guitarist Bosse Karlsson. “In The End” generates groovy seamlessness, systematically showcasing catchy consistency that while the flow of the tempo is progressively technical…it subtly tinkers with unique ultilization and versatility. Pummelling drummer Roger Johannessen dominates with diversely dynamic creativity in the distinguished “The Vultures Among Us”; inventively and calmly craft a slower substance that has an organic aesthetic to it, proficiently injecting infectious synthesizers and flamboyantly fabricated finesse.

Audible bassist Anders Modd attributes admirably composed contributes in the ballad-fuelled “We Worship The Darkness”, bowed down to some conceptual elements in which implement exquisite fulfillments and choir based chorus’ for good detail. The titular track is a grandiose manifestation of jumpy juxtapositions, featuring AT THE GATES/BOMB OF HADES guitarist Jonas Stålhammar for some stellar results of relentless instrumentation & musicianship. “Heartbreaker” advances with differentiated characteristics, that has efficaciously flairs with prodegious rambunctiousness and unparalled variety. “City Of Broken Glass” captures nimble swiftness, including songwriting memorability and diligent stability with jam-packed remedies of salubrious rambunctiousness.

Useless” is a boistrously chilled out track, and exclusive to the CD and digital versions – while the overall concluding song “Breathe” (at a lengthy 9:07) finalizes the record, allowing me to reflect on what I had just heard which is a borderline foundation of enjoyable entertainment. Bottom line; BLACK INK RIVER certainly outdone themselves with “Headstrong”, not my beverage of choice - though fans of sub-genre will definitely delight in.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 6
Originality: 7
Sound Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Witch And The Wolf
2. My Church
3. In The End
4. The Vultures Among Us
5. We Worship The Darkness
6. Headstrong
7. Heartbreaker
8. City Of Broken Glass
9. Useless
10. Breathe
Daniel Wahlström - Vocals
Bosse Karlsson - Guitar
Roger Johannessen - Drums
Anders Modd - Bass
Record Label: GMR Music Group


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