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Black Jesus – Everything Black, Everything Dead

Black Jesus
Everything Black, Everything Dead
by Jess Pearman at 07 December 2014, 4:21 PM

BLACK JESUS is an Australian Death Scrap Metal band. BLACK JESUS’s music is influenced by the sounds of AUTOPSY, BRUTAL TRUTH, ENTOMBED, and MORBID ANGEL among others. BLACK JESUS has released “Everything Black, Everything Dead” in 2014. The album comes in with 12 tracks, but only has a listening time of 32 minutes. “Everything Black, Everything Dead” fuses a few subgenres like Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk with their Black Metal sound, making an interesting adaptation of music that will appeal to many Metalheads.

The drums are rapidly fast and they compliment the low and raw bass so well. The bass is so low and gorgeously played and holds the music firmly together. The guitars are also extremely low and almost dirty. They were pretty intense throughout the entire album creating that ever needed balance between each instrument.

The album starts off with spoken news clips that have a whistling gutteral guitar and drum underneath. “For Those About to Die” is the perfect intro to an album that speaks so closely to what the album meaning is all about. This leads into the title track “Everything Black, Everything Dead.” This track is notable for the insane complimenting of guitars, bass, and drums. Everything here just works perfectly. The vocals are low and gritty and work wonderfully here. “Reek of Crucifiction” is another track where the musicianship is completely in sync. The vocals go a bit higher in tone but still bite at the very essence of the song. The guitar solo at the end puts this track at the top of my list of favorite tracks on the album.

A few other notable tracks on “Everything Black, Everything Dead” are “Legacy of Hate,” “We’re All Zombies,” and “A Crimson Vow.” All have a uniqueness about them that makes them stand out. “A Crimson Vow” is the final track on the album and it's perfect in slowing the speed back down. This one is slow and melancholy, perfect for the end of a hardcore listen.
Everything Black, Everything Dead” is a great album. BLACK JESUS has energy, power, and musicianship to back them up. There are areas that are off or some shifts in music that are weird, but overall these guys will appeal to many Metal fans. Check “Everything Black, Everything Dead” out.

4 Star Rating

  1. For Those About to Die
  2. Everything Black Everything Dead
  3. Reek of Crucifiction
  4. Legacy of Hate
  5. Detonation
  6. Righteous Indignation
  7. Scorch the Sky
  8. We’re all Zombies
  9. Shackled to a Corpse
  10. Thanks for the Enemies
  11. Born in a Tomb
  12. A Crimson Vow
Adrian – Guitar and Vocals
Mick – Guitar
Ben – Bass
Greg – Drums
Record Label: Grindhead Records


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