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Black Light Discipline - Death by a Thousand Cuts Award winner

Black Light Discipline
Death by a Thousand Cuts
by Jessica Howkins at 06 October 2014, 12:39 AM

Finnish Electro-Metal band BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE are back after their previous release with new album “Death by a Thousand Cuts”.

Immediately it is noticeable that these are a band that you can do your cheesy dad dancing to yet still enjoy your Metal. They’re sort of a band that you’d think should go on Eurovision next for Finland to take back the flag after Metal band LORDI. You know, they’re one of them bands that it’ll be totally acceptable to see on a show like that.

I know what you’re all thinking, yuck Eurovision, but, hey! We all enjoyed it when LORDI won didn’t we?

It’s nice to have a band around like BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE that mark fun in the Metal world. We all love heavy music, we all love banging our heads, we all love throwing up our horns in a fierce manner but don’t we all love a bit of fun too?

The album in itself brings along a lot of things for us as the listeners. It’s an album that really hits you when you’re in a bit of a glum mood, music is proven to affect our feelings, daily life and even health and I’m happy to say that “Death by a Thousand Cuts” affects you positively.

The production and the structure of the album is brilliantly put together. Every track flows into the other beautifully creating wonderful imagery through the music the Finnish guys have created. With tracks such as “Freaked” and “On Fire” you sort of sit there and actually fall into a trance alongside the music.

The best thing about the album is that it delivers musical brilliance, it shows BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE at possible the height of their entire musical career. Their development throughout the album constantly improves and shows a brilliant musicianship between the members. I think the only downfall is that there obviously isn’t enough of the music – basically, we want more!

You obviously know you’ve done an album right if you leave the listener wanting more and in its own right that’s an achievement just on its own let alone creating a brilliant masterpiece of an album.

BLACK LIGHT DISCIPLINE are a band that should honestly take the world by storm, “Death by a Thousand Cuts” is a strong album worthy enough for the world of Metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Look At Me Now
3. On Fire
4. The Way We Wanted
5. Under The Knife
6. First Sign
7. Freaked
8. Electronic
9. Hell Is Around The Corner
10. Afraid of Tomorrow
11. The Time Is Now
12. Syviin Vesiin
Toni Valha – Vocals
Joonas Pulkkinen – Guitar
Jani Rissanen – Bass
Janne Kankkunen – Synthesizer
Guess Jokela – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 07 February 2023

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