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Black Light – Firestealer Award winner

Black Light
by Thomas Kumke at 26 June 2021, 2:51 PM

BLACK LIGHT was formed in Košice, Slovakia in 2014. They are a traditional Thrash Metal band. They had a very active start as a band and released one EP and two full-length albums up to 2018. The new EP “Firestealer” came out after a three years gap. It is an independent release and it was mixed by Radovan Koĉik and mastered by Simone Pietroforte at Divergent Studios in Bari, Italy. The EP has a length of about 16 minutes.

BLACK LIGHT stick to the guns of classical Thrash Metal influenced by the all-time Greats of the golden era such as SLAYER or KREATOR. All four songs follow typical and successfully tried thrash patterns and that is a good thing. It all starts with “Blackout”, a fast song with sharp and aggressive guitar riffs, dark lead guitar sequences, hammering drums including a few Death Metal vibes by using blast-beats, and overall a pacey rhythm with mid-tempo breaks during the chorus sections. The lead guitar solo halfway through the song is very dynamic and contributes very well to the song. The vocals are hoarse and not very highly pitched which gives the sound more aggression. “Mirrors For Faces” is slightly slower than the opener, but still fast overall with crunching bass lines at the beginning. The first part of the song as well as the lead guitar solo contain a few EXODUS inspired rhythms and notes (some might remember the classic song named after a fish…). The vocals go alongside the notes during the chorus sections which takes off the evilness slightly. The lead guitar solos are of very good quality throughout.

The title song has a short mid-tempo, head-banging sequence before it transitions into a frantic outburst of blistering pace with fast and flesh-ripping guitar riffs accompanied by relentlessly bludgeoning drums. There is a mid-tempo break halfway through the song with very dark but catchy lead guitar sequences. The lead guitar solo in “Firestealer” is a bit too simple, uninspiring, and does not keep the high standard as in the other songs. The title song was released as video and the YouTube link is given below.

Highlight of the EP is the final “Sans Frontiers”, a 5 minutes track starting slow and dark with an instrumental intro of the guitars and bass, transitioning into a mid-tempo part including some epic chords, melancholic lead guitar sequences, and the double-bass drumming giving the song the extra edge. The vocals fit perfectly to the overall tune of the track. During the second half, “Sans Frontiers” becomes faster and heavier driven by the lead guitar sequences until the final lead guitar solo that is again very contributing to the overall theme of the track. BLACK LIGHT combine here perfectly the aggression of Thrash Metal with melancholy.

Firestealer” is an excellent Thrash Metal EP. It contains the best of traditional Thrash Metal: it has pace, it has aggression, it has thrashy guitars and vocals, but also catchiness and melody. BLACK LIGHT do not reinvent the wheel, they follow their inspirations and add their own notes to that. If there is any flaw at all, then that it is an EP with four songs only. The final song on “Firestealer” shows the band’s capabilities regarding the songwriting. The EP is well produced. Fans of classical Thrash Metal will be delighted with that release and will looking forward to watch the new material live and to a new full-length album of a promising band.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  9
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1. Blackout
2. Mirrors For Faces
3. Firestealer
4. Sans Frontiers
Mato Tomáš – Vocals, Guitars
Matúš Mlich – Guitars
Patrik Šedo – Drums
Tomáš Kilian – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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