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Black Lotus - Sons of Saturn Award winner

Black Lotus
Sons of Saturn
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 31 October 2018, 10:22 AM

Barcelona's masters of heavy traditional Doom Metal are back with another awesome release. Recorded and mixed by Javi Félez at Moontower studios, Barcelona and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon USA, this brand new album out on October 19th is a massive and unbelievable expression of heaviness, melodies and an awesome fresh breath in the Doom Metal community. I really mean my words. Consisting of eight eight tracks of pure Doom, this album is a must listen. The first track "Kings" starts it all with a narrative with waves of sound that’s kind of psychedelic. Then the riff conquers it all. It’s not slow, it’s more mid-paced to lightly fast riffs accompanied with the vocals of Mr. Vil , which are amazing and even more with the help of drummer Mr. Ballesta. The bass is strong and highly omnipresent. The choruses are catchy and sing along ready. The guitars are more melodic in the chorus and I can hear some keyboards in the background to add to the ambiance. This is loud, firmly ambitious metal, really inspired and effective work.

The second track begins with kind of throat singing brass instruments and sounds a lot like we are in Egypt or near pyramids or India. "Sandstorm" is more psychedelic, nice samples and effects are used to envelop the listener in a swirling sandy cyclone. It’s heavy as fuck but demonstrates a high quality recording and mastering. Some may find this annoying maybe or erratic but for me it passes the test. There are great original effects, and it makes the listener travel to dusty realms of full powered sun. Spain and Italy’s Doom acts are always more emotionally involved in my opinion. There is a nice solo near minute nine and a fuzzy bass one too near the eleven minute mark. "The Pyre" is quite atmospheric, sounding really great and leading the way to distortion and fuzz till infinity. This track acts as a transition to track four, "Protecting Fire".

"Protecting Fire" is a great demonstration of heavy riffing with excellent lyrics and catchy as hell vocals. A few tricks in the recording makes the listener have a greater journey travelling on the smoky road. This is really fresh blood in the Doom genre. It feels nice to be overwhelmed that way.T his one is more groovy and moving. The next one is called "Taurobolium Intro". Taurobolium refers to an ancient practice which consisted of sacrificing a bull to Bellona, a deity of war in the ancient Roman empire. It’s quite an esoteric inspiration here, this intro is interesting as we can hear a sacrifice and all the hypnotizing psychedelic ambiance around it. I’m not sure if i understand why this is called an intro or not. The next song is the mighty title track "Sons of Saturn". It’s a powerfully catchy effective song, a great selection for a title track. It’s massively loud without sacrificing the sound quality. The vocal harmonies are incredible. This song is flawless to me. It will be hard putting out better than that in the future but I'm sure they will. The last two minutes are evolving into some weird sounds and the song finishes in a bath of LSD.

"The Swamp" is slow, using the same formula for the vocals: strong clean ones and some excellent passages in harmonized. The bass is in the forefront for the first minutes until the destruction begins. A peak is reached and we are forced to headbang and raising a fist. This one has great energy while knowing to release it from time to time, almost reaching a blues sound. This song should be a nice grower and deserves many listens to fully appreciate it, not for the complexity of it but more for knowing the parts making the song 1000 times strong. The ambiance turns into a more bleak one and we can hear whispers. Again, the production is accurate and excellent. We are offered a great melodic solo too. These guys know Doom. The last half of the song reminds me of CATHEDRAL"Return to Erebus" is an outro, telling the listener there is more to come (or is it me that just made a projection of my inner desires?). It’s an awesome release, and I'm so glad to know this band.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Kings
2. Sandstorm
3. The Pyre
4. Protective Fire
5. Taurobolium - Intro
6. Sons of Saturn
7. The Swamp
8. Return to Erebus
Cristian Vil - Bass, Lead & Backing Vocals
Charlie Gotaskull Sun - Guitars
Hug Ballesta - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Inverse Records


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