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Black Magic Fools - Soul Collector

Black Magic Fools
Soul Collector
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 November 2016, 2:42 PM

So, there are bands from Gothenburg that aren’t following that specific formula in the Melodic Death Metal genre. No, I’m not complaining about the traditional Metal sound from the city, and not from bands that have another Metal way of the city. To me, it’s a pleasure to see a band as BLACK MAGIC FOOLS coming from the region, because musical differences create diversity, and that’s good for Metal. The first album from the sextet, called “Soul Collector”, is a very good indicator of this.

They play a very good and heavy style of Folk Metal. Yes, I’m sick of knowing that the style itself is nothing new at all, but the difference between their work and many others that we usually hear is that they prefer a Heavy Metal sound with Folk influences, and not to sound as Folk s they can with little to do with Metal. What I mean: they are in a similar way of that one that SKYCLAD used to be on their earlier albums, aggressive, heavy and full of Metal energy, and this factor is what gives to their work great value.

The sound quality is really good, because it really reflects what the band had in mind. It sounds pretty heavy and aggressive, but the Folk instruments (violins, flutes, fiddle, and bagpipes) are presented in a way that we can hear them clearly as well. “Soul Collector” has eleven songs, all of them being very good and showing an excellent potential for the future. But now, songs as the energetic and raw “Grave Dancer” (with very good tempos and great use of the bagpipes), the slow and bitter melodies of “Lies” (very good guitars and Folk moments), the thunderous and introspective ones “Salvation” (the bass guitar and drums are great, as well as the guitar solos are very good and melodic, and the violin parts are excellent) and “Black Jig” (this one has a very good work from vocals), the harmonic structures created by guitars and rhythmic session on “Soul Collector”, the perfect fusion between Metal weight and the Folk influences on “A Jester’s Confession”, and the excellent Folk song “Vädjan” (with tender melodies, only clean instruments, and a wonderful female voice) are very good, turning this album tasteful. Yes, they are pretty good, so pay attention on “Soul Collector,” as you’ll have no regrets.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Fools Parade
2. Grave Dancer
3. Lies
4. Salvation
5. Black Jig
6. Last Supper
7. Soul Collector
8. A Jester’s Confession
9. Dansa i Natt
10. Not My Truth
11. Vädjan
Pontus Nilsson - Vocals, Bagpipes, Jewish Harp
Daniel Henriksson - Guitars
Ida Persson - Violin, Fiddle
Katja Eilertsen - Violin
Mats Halldin - Bass
Björn Wallin - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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