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Black Majesty - Stargazer

Black Majesty
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 05 November 2012, 2:10 PM

Here I am in the not so silent company of my two dogs – the gate crashers - playing roughly, tearing up my kitchen floor, as I sit down to pen this favorable review for “Stargazer”. I am forever grateful to Sam and the men of BLACK MAJESTY for sending me the new CD, and their back catalogue. I wish you well! As I prepare to divulge the mysteries that lie within the realms of this masterpiece, In their honor, I proudly wear the T-shirt the sacred guardians sent me with an attitude of gratitude .

On their 5th release, these Australians truly shine, showcasing why bands from the kingdom down under truly know how to share their Metal memories. Each region includes a unique bonus track. The Australian version I received on CD includes the angelic “Ariel”. The illumination of “Shine” will warm the European mettle milieu, while the Japanese market will enjoy the underworld like RAINBOW riffs of “Kill The King” gnarling and seething with the bite of “Lycan”.

Like a dragon reborn, From the first firestorm of the valiant “Falling” through the pounding pulsation of Pavel Konvalinka's drumming scars scored into “Voice Of Change”, right until to the ending title track replete with MAIDENesque melodies channeling “Alexander The Great”, this is another darn good achievement. Fans of DUNGEON, LORD, ILLIUM, PEGAZUS, EMPIRES OF EDEN, DRAGONSCLAW, etc. will surely see why these soldiers of fortune never surrender.

Lately, there has been so much hype over the new KAMELOT. While “Silverthorn” is a solid album, with again about two or three really well-written anthems, overall, after several listens, it is just more of the same, and will never match the majesty of “The Fourth Legacy”.

In contrast, BLACK MAJESTY write memorable melodies, and songs which stick to your skin, and resound in your head, making you ponder, ruminate, and reflect. These defenders of tomorrow land are true visionaries, and I liken them to being metal millennium prophets, who uphold a positive outlook on life. They maintain their integrity in the scriptures of their souls, and as the lyrical liner notes suggest, they realize and relish the journey of the soul.

The opener - “Falling” with it harmonious haunting ghostly operatic intentions, helps all to accept the fact that we need each other to survive, giving us wings to fly. While hanging on to the fringe benefits, “Lost Horizon” encourages us to always look on the bright side of life. “Symphony Of Death” is slower, and shadows an evolution of the past, but when it picks up you begin to reach for new horizons of hope.

“Edge Of The World” balances both speed and melody and like a swinging pendulum blade this further than insane epic rips right to the bone, all the while whipping you into a frenzy. Think of such past deleterious delineations as “Witching Hour” and “Dragon Reborn”.

When I first heard the caustic “Killing Hand”, I was immediately reminded of the DREAM THEATER song from their debut. However, after repeated listens, I have come to understand the implications the song suggests, and in light of recent climatic tragedies, and an impending National election, I understand that we are what we create, and we are responsible for everything that happens in our life. Essentially, we are all “Holy Killers” on the way to massacre, and we must strive to break the chains of corruption.

There seems to be an almost underlying theme to this album. Mirroring our iniquity, we all stand as Stargazers peering over the precipice of our own future world, as the sands of time run out, awaiting our own tumultuous tomorrow. Will we land on our feet?

It is as if the persuasive and passionately power vocals of John "Gio" Cavaliere serve as a cautionary tale. He is the harbinger of sorrow who is wishing our world would heal. The guitar crunches of Steve Janevski and Hanny Mohammed are like two hearts beating as one, playing mellifluent enchantments of searing solitude. If music allows the mind to shift perspective, and regain proper focus, then BLACK MAJESTY are the voice of change echoing and inviting the light into your life.

4 Star Rating

1. Falling
2. Lost Horizon
3. Voice Of Change
4. Killing Hand
5. Journey To The Soul
6. Holy Killers
7. Symphony Of Death
8. Edge Of The World
9. Stargazer
10. Ariel 
John “Gio” Cavaliere - Vocals
Steve Janevski - Guitars
Hanny Mohammed – Guitars, Keyboards
Evan Harris – Bass (Session)
Pavel Konvanlinka - Drums
Record Label: Limb Music


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