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Black Moth – Condemned To Hope

Black Moth
Condemned To Hope
by Tim Bolitho-Jones at 22 January 2015, 1:58 PM

Have you ever found yourself just sitting at the bar, staring bleary eyed at a glass of whiskey and wondering why, of all the joints in all the world, did she have to walk into yours? Well I got news for you buddy, you ain’t alone, because ever since BLACK MOTH first set up shop here the place has changed. I don’t know if it changed for good or for bad, but sure as hell ain’t no going back now. See, this here metal scene has always had its more classy players, you know the type I mean. The Jazz-enthusiasts, the cello players and those Black Metal fellas in the Ray Bans, but I tell ya, we haven’t had nobody that sounded like they walked off a Stoner Metal Film Noir before. And yeah, there weren’t any metal bands back in THE BIG SLEEP’s day, but you listen to “The Undead King Of Rock And Roll” and tell me that isn’t the sound of a band digging through the back streets of Chicago looking to fix up whoever killed Sam Spade’s girl.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “get outta town ya drunk, there weren’t no electric guitars in THE MALTESE FALCON,” but it ain’t the drink talking. It isn’t the instruments they use, it’s the vibe, the vibe is everything! Those fuzzed up power chords and bass heavy riffs mix together to create the sort of swaggering, intoxicated rock and roll that only folks who’ve woken up surrounded by empty bottles can put together. Hell, if I didn’t know better I’d swear they must a’ got cut off from the rest of us when they were five and only had BLACK SABBATH and SOUNDGARDEN albums to fill their ears since then. How else do you explain the likes of “Room 13” and “The Last Maze?” These aren’t the kind of grooves that fakers come up with and it’d only be more ominous if your speakers puffed out cigarette smoke in time to the drum beats.

But the best part’s gotta be the singer, I never met the dame but you know she ain’t afraid to fill a sock with quarters and swing it at any jumped up little punk what gets in the way. They got this song “Looner” where she sings like a girl looking out at the whole world and knows, I mean just knows straight away, there ain’t anyone smarter than her. There's another track “Stinkhorn,” well I never found myself stuck with a corpse, listening to the sirens approaching and knowing I got played before, but one listen to this and I can tell you what it feels like. Give her some time and she’ll be an icon sitting on a throne made of bones of anyone that crossed her.

Ah but what do I know? I never been wrapped around the finger a’ somebody I never met before but BLACK MOTH are something else. You might want ‘em playing DOWNLOAD or HELLFEST but me, I want to see ‘em in some scuzzy little dive, filled with all manner of low lives and have all the colour turned off for one night. This tux is a lie and this bar of mine is a lie too. All I am is a bum who got lucky and BLACK MOTH know that. They can see the real me bub, they see the real in all of us.

Hey Trixie darling, can I get another?

4 Star Rating

  1. Tumbleweave
  2. Set Yourself Alight
  3. Looner
  4. The Undead King Of Rock And Roll
  5. The Last Maze
  6. White Lies
  7. Red Ink
  8. Room 13
  9. Stinkhorn
  10. Slumber With the Worm
  11. Condemned To Hope
Dave Vachon – Bass
Nico Carew – Guitars
Dominic Macready – Drums
Jim Swainston – Guitars
Harriet Bevan - Vocals
Record Label: New Heavy Sounds


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