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Black Oil – Resist To Exist Award winner

Black Oil
Resist To Exist
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 11 May 2015, 10:00 AM

Well, musical experimentalisms are a great way into Metal on these days. The bands are trying to make their music in the most particular way they can, to be different from another one. Yes, that’s the way. But there are ones that dare to do some experimentalisms that go beyond the comprehension of some Metallians, especially those who are trying to live the 80s again. And North American quartet BLACK OIL is defying all rules and dogmas once more with “Resist to Exist”, their third album.

We have on the album a mix between Death Metal with some modern aspects, more some regional music touches from many countries (including Brazil) on it, but their songs are aggressive and abrasive, full of hatred against the system. But their work is built upon some melodic sense that permeates the entire album. Excellent vocals, mixing low grunts with pitched screams, perfect guitar riffs and solos, and great rhythmic session giving support. But as well there are non conventional instruments on the album and some special guests that give a very special taste to their songs. But beware of your ears, for their aggressiveness is bitter and can damage your ears.

The sound quality is very good, dense and heavy as the band’s music demands. But the instruments, vocals and all arrangements are clear to our senses, as the tunes used were chosen wisely. All in this matter is perfectly done.

With some guests like Tony Campos (from FEAR FACTORY and MINISTRY) and Aaron Rossi (MINISTRY’s drummer) on “Callate”; Silvério Pessoa (a Brazilian musician) on “Combustion”, Raymond Herrera (former FEAR FACTORY drummer) on “Revolution”, Hector Guerra (a musician from Bolivia), Zero (from Hip-Hop trio EL VUH), and Ricardo Vignini (another fine Brazilian musicians) on “Stand Against Everything”, “Resist to Exist” shines more than it already shined.

The best moments: “Rise Up” (a very aggressive song, with some great vocals and strong riffs), “Callade” (with a modern and tasteful groove, with a very good rhythmic session), the bitter “Exoskeleton” (abrasive and not so fast, with acrid riffs), and the experimental “Combustion” (full of elements from regional music from Brazil), and “Paper Slave” (another song with a very modern vibe, where some touches of Samba are presented). But the whole album is excellent.

“Resist to Exist” is one of the finest albums of this year, so hear it and prepare you souls.

5 Star Rating

01. Rise Up
02. Justified
03. Callate
04. Exoskeleton
05. Combustion
06. Revolution
07. Stand Against Everything
08. Paper Slave
Mike Black – Vocals
Addasi Addasi – Guitars
Drew Petropoulos – Bass
Aaron Rossi – Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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