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Black Pestilence – Outsiders

Black Pestilence
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 13 July 2015, 8:54 AM

BLACK PESTILENCE is a Black/Punk/Noise Metal band based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The band formed in 2008 and have previously released three independent studio albums. This album is their fourth, and contains eight tracks.

“Cult Class” opens with the background noise of ambulance sirens in an urban environment. The swift, three-chord riff pattern and raucous energy is reminiscent of Punk music but the Black Metal vocals are an unconventional twist. This might be what MOTORHEAD would sound like if they had formed after the advent of Death Metal. “Silent Assassin” is a bit shorter and opens with the addition of some electronica. The pace is about the same but this song is a little darker in nature, whereas a lot of Punk is more upbeat. “Unseen Force” is full on dark Heavy Metal with a low bottom end, and vocals done in an Industrial Death fashion, with eerie guitar parts and background noise. This song definitely represents the scarier side of their sound.

“Horns for the Devil” circles back around to the more sublime, with a simple and poppish sounding main riff to go along with the Black Metal vocals. It’s like THE DEAD KENNEDYS went off the rails and mutated with a creature out of a deep, dark swamp. “Cell Block” has a familiar bounce to it, but uses more minor chord progressions, keeping it firmly in the detail of the shadows. At under three minutes, “Razing Taboo” is the shortest song in the album. Instrumentation is nearly completely dropped during the verses, giving the song a story-telling quality. Closing the album is “Voiceless Generation,” which at over five minutes is the longest song on the album. There is a long lead in and some electronica before the dissonance of the main riff closes in around you. Some background effects that pop up in the chorus give another layer of evil and grandiosity to this track. This song might best represent the sound that is laid before you on this album and I rather enjoy its complexities.

Overall, I will say that I haven’t heard anything quite like this sound before. It’s a really unique combination of sounds and subgenres but remains easy to listen to. So, if you are hankering for something different in the world of Hard Rock/Punk/Heavy Metal, give this album a try.

3 Star Rating

1. Cult Class
2. Silent Assassin
3. Unseen Force
4. Horns for the Devil
5. Sonic Static
6. Cell Block
7. Razing Taboo
8. Voiceless Generation
Valax – Bass, Vocals
Viktor – Guitar
Little V – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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